Simple Holiday Gifting for Makeup Lovers

If you’re shopping for a makeup lover, there’s so many options. You know that you definitely want to buy high quality, cruelty-free products with great pigmentation and texture— and definitely careful formulation! Maybe you’d like to give some amazing nail polish that’s 12-free

Good news - we’ve got your back. Bésame has something for every makeup lover in your life, and our holiday gift guide makes it easy to choose. So cozy up around the fire, turn on a holiday playlist, and follow our guide to pick the perfect gift for the makeup lover in your life!

Gabriela Hernandez Smiling Wearing Bésame Red Lipstick

For the Beautifully Bold

Some people adore the way that a bold makeup look makes heads turn and draws the eye. These makeup lovers thrill at a bright lip and shimmering nail, and they’re happiest when they’re dazzling the room with their charm and beauty. For these bold beauties, we have several striking gifts that will make their spirits— and their makeup looks— bright.

The Reds Lipstick Bundle contains four of our brightest, boldest, most beautiful reds. A bright red lip is a timeless classic that looks stunning on everybody, and these vibrant red lipsticks are deeply pigmented and lusciously creamy for a smooth, glamorous appearance. 

The Reds Nail Polish Bundle proves that you can never have too much red. It contains our four most popular reds that are surefire stunners on your giftee’s hand. Whether used alone or part of a multicolored manicure, these pretty polishes promise fun, festive fingers (and toes)!

The Bold Lipstick Bundle is a group of four show-stopping shades. This bundle includes our Magic Pink, which actually goes on blue and reacts to your skin’s individual chemistry to create a color unique to you. If your makeup lover loves the idea of exclusivity, this pick is perfect!

For The Vintage Vamp

If the makeup lover in your life loves glamorous looks inspired by Old Hollywood and vintage beauty, look no further for products that draw on these historical aesthetics. These glamorous throwbacks are perfect for anybody looking to incorporate vintage beauty into their looks.

The Rouge Bundle contains our three beloved, best-selling cream rouges. While today, many makeup users are most familiar with powder or pressed powder blush, cream rouge goes on with a swipe of a finger for an effortless, weightless glow. 

The Vampy Lipstick Bundle brings some of Hollywood’s Golden Age drama to your makeup look. If the dark glamor of Theda Bara, Louise Brooks, and other starlets of the 1920s and 1930s inspires your giftee, this is the set to pick!

Marilyn Monroe’s legacy is one of the most iconic, enduring makeup inspirations the beauty industry has ever known. For the bombshell in your life, we have our Marilyn Lashes, our Marilyn Monroe Eye and Pencil Set, and the Marilyn Monroe Lip Trio, which are reproduced from original cosmetics owned by Marilyn herself.

Whether your giftee is inspired by the fashion icon’s full glam look or everyday look, our Marilyn Monroe collection makes a perfect gift.

For The Subtle Stunner

Not every makeup lover likes to rock a bold red. For those who prefer a more subtle approach, peachy pinks, soft mauves, and well-matched nude tones are their best friend. For those who love this classy, elegant look, we have some amazing neutral tones just for them.

Our Neutral Polish Bundle contains four stylish shades that go with any look. Luxurious enough for a night out and elegant enough for the office, a neutral polish creates a manicured look that helps highlight your hands’ natural beauty. 

The Mrs. Banks Set pays tribute to Mary Poppins’s original Sister Suffragette, Winifred Banks. Bright peachy lipstick and matching, subtly shimmering nail polish have a lovely simplicity perfect for any occasion. 

For The Skincare Enthusiast

Glowing, luminous skin starts with a good skincare routine. No matter what your makeup inspiration is, everybody looks and feels better when their skin is well-nourished. If you want to help your giftee show a little self-care, our skin and nail care sets are ideal gifts.

The Makeup Bundle contains Vanishing Cream, Cold Cream, and a hotel towel. Vanishing cream is a luxurious makeup primer, while cold cream is a powerful makeup remover that’s oh-so-gentle on your skin.

The Spa Cream Bundle contains Day Cream, Night Cream, and a hotel towel. Our day and night creams are luxurious moisturizers that nourish and pamper your skin— and when paired with our soft, plush towel, they make an incredible gift for anyone.

You don’t have to go to the salon for manicure-quality nail care. Our Nail Care Kit has everything you need for healthy, gorgeous nails right at home. From nurturing cuticle oil to growth-promoting base coat, anyone can benefit from the TLC these products provide. 

For Any Makeup Lover

If none of these incredible products reminds you of your giftee’s style, never fear! We have many other amazing options. Every makeup lover needs a good setting spray and some incredible brushes. A vintage lipstick holder can help keep their countertop or vanity organized! You can see these and even more great holiday gifts in our 2021 gift guide

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