5 Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Cream

Just like our lipsticks that bring colors from the past back to the present, the Bésame Skincare Essentials re-discovered beauty secrets of history and added modern performance, ingredients, and results. Since our products are so unique, our customers have lots of questions! 

Cold Cream is already a 5-star hit with fans, but others are curious about this moisturizing cleanser. To help you decide it’s right for you, here are the most frequently asked questions about Cold Cream.


Is Cold Cream a Moisturizer or a Cleanser? It's Both!

Cold Cream is both! It’s a cleanser that leaves skin moisturized (instead of dry and tight). The natural oils break down makeup, dirt, and anything else on the skin. Then, it rinses away leaving skin feeling smooth, clean, and lovely. 

The best part: Cold Cream doesn’t dry out the skin. Have you ever washed your face, only for your skin to feel tight and uncomfortable afterwards? That doesn’t happen with Cold Cream. It clears out pores but doesn’t damage the moisture barrier. In fact, the Rosehip and Jojoba Oils keep the skin moisturized.

So, it cleanses the skin, removes makeup, and leaves skin hydrated.

Happy customer Alyssa H. said I love the Cold Cream! Keeps my skin hydrated better than anything else I have found. It also helps with oil control. I typically have oily dry skin that would flake on occasion, but since I started using Cold Cream, the flakes have disappeared.”

Does Cold Cream Remove Waterproof Makeup?

Yes! Cold Cream removes even the most stubborn makeup. As Cold Cream is gently massaged into the skin, it breaks down makeup and gets deep into the pores. Even waterproof mascara doesn’t stand a chance against Cold Cream!

Cold Cream customer Joanna C. said I love this cold cream! It removes my waterproof mascara so effortlessly. I love that it has no fragrance and is suitable for my sensitive skin.”

Cold Cream Contains Coconut Oil. Doesn’t That Clog Pores?

Coconut Oil can clog pores if it stays on your skin. So, using coconut oil as a moisturizer or night mask could potentially lead to breakouts. Cold Cream doesn’t stay on your skin. It washes away leaving no coconut oil residue behind.

The cream melts into a liquid with water and that liquid easily washes away, leaving no coconut oil on your skin.

People with all skin types have raved about Cold Cream, even those with acne-prone skin. Customer Camy Y. said “A lifesaver. This is a truly amazing product. As someone with combination skin, rosacea, and fragrance and preservative allergies this is a godsend. I use it primarily as a face wash as I don't wear that much makeup - but it also does a terrific job of make up removal. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized but not oily, and it doesn't make me break out.” 



Does Cold Cream Leave a Greasy Residue?

Cold creams of the past were known to leave behind a heavy, greasy residue, even after a thorough rinse. Bésame Cold Cream leaves nothing behind! Our cream was specifically designed to melt away and rinse off with ease. 

Happy Cold Cream user Michelle L. said Amazing and luxurious. It melts my makeup away like magic and makes my skin feel like silk.”

Is Cold Cream Made with Natural Ingredients?

Yes! Many current cold creams are made with petroleum based ingredients. These are both not great for the environment or your skin. Our Cold Cream is made with natural ingredients like Rosehip, Sunflower Seed & Jojoba Oil and Matricaria Extract to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. 

Even the containers are sustainably made. The jar is frosted glass with metal lid, so it’s fully recyclable. Plus, they’re pretty enough, you’ll want to keep them on your vanity!

Happy Cold Cream user Olga R. said  “I love this cream! It’s the only thing that will gently remove my eyeliner and mascara and it isn’t full of bad gunk like the big brands. I love the frosted glass jar especially as I am trying to get as much plastic out of my beauty products as possible.” 

Have more questions about Cold Cream? Please ask! DM us at @besamecosmetics on Instagram and we’ll happily answer any of your questions.

If you’re curious to try Cold Cream, it’s available now! The 3 oz jar will last at least a month (if not more) and your skin will love it.


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