our founder gabriela hernandez

a promise from our founder

When I founded Bésame, I looked to the past for insight into how products were made and discovered how little it took to make someone feel beautiful.

I wanted to go back to that simplicity. My products might look like they are made for special occasions, but each of you are the special occasion! I want to give you some of that bygone glamour and put a little extra into an ordinary day, so you feel special every day.

Gabriela Hernandez
Founder, Bésame Cosmetics

sustainably made in california

Committed to Clean Beauty

While most of our products are inspired by the past, we actively embrace the present and future of the cosmetics industry, with clean beauty at the forefront.

cruelty free paraben free gluten free mineral oil free

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Bésame Cosmetics makes timeless, quality makeup and beauty products inspired by icons of the past, but made for our everyday icons like you. We love to put a fresh spin on an old classic – blending our voracious appetite for vintage with all the advantages of modern science and a clean, simple approach to beauty. Our mission is to bring some glam from the silver screen to the street, putting a little extra into the ordinary. So, go ahead, express your true colors and enjoy a red lip day with Bésame!