Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to work with a number of amazing people to create some pretty spectacular cosmetics. We're very selective with our collaborations, only choosing subjects that we truly love and will delight our audience. Every collection is meticulously researched, from the colors used in the original films to the history behind makeup of the time period. Gabriela’s attention to detail, design, and artistry make each piece a work of art.

These collections use licensed characters, films, and/or properties so sadly, they cannot stay on shelves forever. These custom sets are only available for a short time, but give fans a chance to truly immerse themselves in the world of their favorite characters and films.


Once upon a dream, Gabriela created a gorgeous collection to bring the story of Sleeping Beauty to life. She used the original animation cells from the Disney archives to get exact color matches for the eyeshadow palette and character lipsticks.



Gabriela created 2 special-edition lipsticks and a matching mirror to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday. Mickey Mouse Red was meticulously matched to the exact color of his pants, while Ink & Paint was a cheeky nod to Mickey's first beginnings in black and white. The typography on the case came from a Mickey Mouse hair comb that was sold in the early 1930s!



The first of Disney’s little mermaids, the Mermaid Lagoon collection features the bright and playful colors of 1953’s Peter Pan. Very little artwork remained of these mischievous mermaids, but Gabriela captured the precise poses and hues from the film for her eyeshadows, lipsticks, and ornate perfume bottle with help from the Disney artists.



Inspired in part by the lava lamp-like lip glosses of the 1970s and 1980s and the Infinity Stones of the Marvel Universe, this far-out collection featured bold colors, great glitter, and high shine. The intricate boxes were inspired by The Collector’s displays and meant to look as though they were electrified, suspended in mid air. The Infinity Stones themselves tie all the way back to Agent Carter — keeping our Marvel collection connected..



Based on the hit Marvel character Agent Carter, this collection was full of clues, puzzles, and everything you needed to become a glamorous spy like Peggy. In preparation for the ABC show, the production team came to our Burbank boutique to find Agent Carter’s signature lip color. They fell in love with Red Velvet and it’s become one of our best-selling colors to date.



It’s only fitting that the first Disney Princess was the first Bésame and Disney collaboration. Gabriela recreated the Snow White storybook after she visited Disney’s Ink and Paint department to get the precise colors from the original film. Even after 80 years, the colors and style of makeup were incredibly popular and our launch at the D23 Convention in 2017 was a huge success. Though the collection hasn’t been available for years, we get “bring back Snow White!” requests almost every day!



Lincoln asked Gabriela to create a lipstick for the launch of their MKC in 2015. So, Gabriela took a piece of the car door to the lab to match the paint exactly! The bright purple hue was only available for Lincoln promotional purposes. Though only 500 lipsticks were made, Gabriela got to appear in a full Lincoln advertising campaign for Spanish language markets.



After showing in New York Fashion week as a part of the 5th season of Project Runway, Kenley Collins reached out to Bésame for a collaboration. As part of the Magic fashion convention in Las Vegas in 2012, Gabriela created a limited-edition scarf and lipstick set with Kenley. The red and white roses of the scarf matched the bright, cool red of the custom lipstick.