How To Feel Glamorous in Neutral Colors: Matching Makeup & Nails

Neutral color palettes might not be flashy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t classy and eye-catching! Rocking a neutral color scheme is all about choosing colors that suit your undertones and your wardrobe. While some people only think of black and white when they imagine neutral colors, the world of neutral color palettes is enormous and includes warm and cool neutrals from across the color spectrum. 




n this quick guide, we’re going to share some of the secrets of how to feel pretty in neutral colors, and share a few of our favorite makeup and nail colors to help you get inspired. 

Account for Undertones

Knowing the undertones in your skin is super helpful for choosing a neutral color, and can also help you get a better color match when choosing products like foundation or powder. While skin tone comes in a huge range of shades, skin undertones can usually be divided into three categories:


  • Warm: undertones of gold and red
  • Cool: undertones of pink and blue
  • Neutral: a mix of warm and cool undertones



    Not sure where you fall on the spectrum and whether you should go for warm neutral or cool neutral colors? Here are a few quick tricks for determining your undertones:

  • Wear bright white. Bright white clothes help to bring out the undertones in your skin, especially if you are standing in the sun! If your skin looks slightly yellow or golden when you wear white, you likely have warm undertones. If your skin looks slightly red or pink, you likely have cool undertones. If you feel like you fall somewhere in between, you likely have neutral undertones. 
  • Compare gold vs. silver jewelry. While the metals you prefer in your jewelry depend entirely on personal preference, comparing how gold vs. silver looks against your skin can help you to identify your undertones. If gold jewelry pops against your skin, you probably have warm undertones. If silver looks better, you probably are cool. If you can’t decide which looks more amazing, you have neutral undertones.




    Choose Your Palette

    Once you have figured out whether you have cool, warm, or neutral undertones, it will be easier to choose neutral colors to suit your skin tone. While undertones can help you determine how a color might look on you, remember that you can wear anything you want to as long as you wear it makes you feel pretty!

    Beyond undertone, the next step to choosing the right neutral beauty products is picking a neutral color palette. 

    Dark Neutrals

    Dark neutrals are dramatic and romantic, perfect for Autumn and Winter wear, or for that black-tie event you have coming up. One of our favorite examples of a gorgeous dark neutral is Bésame’s nail polish in Deep Mauve. Deep Mauve is a warm, pinky-mauve that will make you feel like a princess all grown up! 




    Bright Neutrals

    Bright neutrals are fun and flirty and make for the perfect Summer and Spring color palette. Pastel Pink, another stunning color from Bésame’s nail polish collection, is a cool baby bubblegum pink that can take you from day to night. An understated yet bold color, Pastel Pink goes on opaque and streak-free. 





    If you’re someone who has a simple beauty routine and you’re looking for a color that can be worn with anything, you’ll want to choose a nude neutral. Nudes don’t have to match the color of your skin, so don’t worry about color-matching. Picking a nude is more about the undertone, just like all other colors. One of our current favorite nudes is Bloom Beige nail polish which is bright yet subtle and warm while still remaining neutral. 




    Match Lips to Nails

    Want to elevate a neutral look? Try matching your lipstick to your nail color! This simple yet effective trick is an amazing way to add a bit of glamor to your neutral look without much effort. Monochromatic palettes have been in for years, and can be adapted to suit any style! Whether you are heading to a casual lunch with friends or strutting the red carpet, matching lips and nails can help you stand out!

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