How to Care for Your Nails at Home

Most people don’t think about it, but your nails are a surprisingly important part of your body. In addition to their function, they’re also commonly used for accessorizing. Whether you’re going for a naturally manicured look or painting your nails to match your dress, they’re sure to be noticed. Healthy nails just don’t get as much attention and love as they should, and we’re here to change that!

Manicured hands wearing Bésame red nail polish

The Basics of Nail Care

Your at-home nail care should start with making sure your nails are glowing! Expensive spa treatments and manicures can only help so much when you have damaged, unhealthy nails. Some easy tips to streamlining your way to healthy nails are:

  • Keep your nails clean and dry! Wet nails tend to be soft. They’ll bend and break easily
  • Cut your nails properly. You want to cut straight across and round off the nail tips
      • If your nails are ever too hard to cut, mix some warm water and salt to soak them in
  • Stop nibbling on your nails! Pulling cuticles is another no-no
  • Maintain your nails’ shape with a nail file or emery board to prevent snags and breaks
  • Always have a good nail care kit handy! You’ll never know when you’ll need it
  • Bésame Cosmetics Nail Care Kit

    DIY Nail Care

    It’s not enough to just have healthy nails, though. You need to maintain them! Some self-care and at-home manicure work can do long-term wonders.

    Step 1: Clean the beds and edges of your nails

    Before you begin any nail care routine, remember to wash your hands! Ridding your nails of excess dirt and oils helps any treatment you apply stick and set. Dry your hands thoroughly afterward, so that you don’t retain any more moisture than you need to.

    After this, there are a few ways you can continue. Some people opt to slap a nice layer of hardener on and call it a day. That’s fine! The natural look is timeless and it goes with any outfit. Others, however, decide to get a bit more in-depth.

    Step 2: Apply color and a top coat

    Some DIY nails are perfect for a night out or just showing off casually. A base coat, a few layers of color, and a topcoat finish any outfit with a modern, fun flair. You can get a full experience by utilizing a kit, or you can mix and match your favorite nail colors.

    Manicured hand with different Bésame's nail polish colors

    Step 3: Moisturize

    Whichever option you choose, don’t forget to hydrate and moisturize when you’re done. The various chemicals used during most manicures, whether they’re professional or at home, tend to dry out your skin. In addition to the extra pep, a bit of moisturizer gives to your nails, it also leaves your hands smelling fresh! While you’re at it, don’t forget your cuticles; a bit of good cuticle serum will prevent you from having an icky lining of dried-up skin around your freshly done nails.

    A Word of Caution

    Like most beauty-related things, nail care is inundated with a whole array of products to choose from. Many products are amazing, but others are questionable. Some choice tips to avoid having to restart your journey to healthy nails are:

  • Stick to acetone-free nail polish remover. While it may have once been the standard, polish removers that contain acetone can weaken and damage your nails. It can also irritate and damage your cuticles and nail beds, which are essential to preventing infections
  • Avoid products that dry out your cuticles and stop picking at them when they’re dry! As unsightly as they may be at times, cuticles are really, really important. Trying to completely remove them is a bad idea. While it is fine to carefully and properly remove some dead skin, it’s a bad idea to pick or bite at your already peeling cuticle
  • Make sure your nail salon is certified, up-to-date, and clean. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s still worth noting. A poorly cleaned washing setup can spread infections easily and quickly
  • Always read the labels on your products and follow instructions. It may seem that all nail polishes and products are the same, but many have different ingredients or application techniques. To get the best look and ensure you’re staying safe, at least give the health and safety information a glance
  • Don’t ignore changes in your nails! It may seem odd to think of, but your nails can sometimes indicate a problem. If you notice sudden, strange changes in the texture, color, or strength of your nails, call your doctor.

    Keeping your nails healthy isn’t always easy, but it results in stunning rewards. Your nails and cuticles will thank you for the time you spend taking care of them. And, if you’re ever in doubt, we have a line of amazing nail care products at Bésame.

    Manicured hand wearing red nail polish holding Bésame's red lipstick

    The next time you want to level up your makeup routine, try matching your lipstick to your nail polish for a simple and chic look that never goes out of style!

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