There’s Nothing a Little Red Lipstick Can’t Fix

The make up we wear doesn’t just define our style, it can completely change the way we feel about ourselves.

For some of us, the journey with makeup might start from a place of wanting to cover up flaws or fix minor imperfections -- especially in early adolescence when we’re just beginning to experiment with our makeup and skin care routine.

But, ideally, as we evolve and grow, makeup should become less about “fixing” how you look and more about improving how you feel. And that’s where red lipstick can play a huge role in ramping up confidence, empowerment, and glamour for the wearer.



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It may sound like a cliche, but there are countless stories around the world of women who applied a little bit of red lipstick and found themselves having a better day, branching out of their comfort zone, and feeling more visible and confident in their daily life. Today, people of all kinds and backgrounds use red lipstick as a way to feel better and make a statement.

Something as simple as the colors we choose to apply can have a drastic impact on how we feel -- and there are real reasons for this. Sure, some of it is the psychology of marketing and our own associations with color, but red lipstick also has a vivid history that finds its roots in women’s empowerment.


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That’s why we believe that red lipstick has the ability to transform and inspire -- and no one should be afraid to rock red lipstick each and every day!



The History of Red Lipstick

Did you know that red lipstick has had a meaningful impact on the world beyond simply providing people with a personal confidence booster or eye-catching addition to an outfit?

Red lipstick dates back thousands of years, from Babylon to Ancient Egypt, where women would even be buried with their rouge. In medieval times, red lipstick was considered scandalous and would evolve to become associated with witchcraft in later years. 

Early in the 20th century, red lipstick became known as a symbol of power and strength during the Suffragette movement. The peaceful protest techniques of these women relied heavily on  quiet ways of making a statement -- and red lipstick was one of them. In fact, red lipstick became part of their uniform and quickly became a symbol of feminism, power, daring, and strength.

Queen Elizabeth I would eventually become known for her signature red lips and elevate the style to something elegant and regal, instead of salacious. And after that, the Golden Age of Hollywood would put red lipstick on the map as something glamorous, desirable, and aspirational, prompting Hollywood inspired makeup looks for years to come and continuing into today.

As you can see, red lipstick isn’t just a makeup style -- it’s a symbol. So, when you apply your next shade of red lipstick, you’re not just getting ready for work or a night out; you’re participating in a long and vibrant story of how makeup can shape our lives. 


Red haired woman smiling wearing a perl necklace and Bésame's red lipstick


Recognizing that history and embodying it can go a long way toward making absolutely anyone feel bold, empowered, and truly inspired.

The Psychology of Color

Not only does red lipstick have a long history, but red itself is scientifically proven to provoke the strongest reactions of any color. It is considered the color of life, often associated with the flush of good health and desire.

It can also symbolize passion, power, excitement, and dominance.

Of course, our own associations come into play, as well. However YOU  think about the color red might play a part in shaping your feelings about red lipstick, but keep in mind that red has powerful and positive connotations that you can embody too, simply by mixing up your makeup routine!


The Power of Red Lipstick

While a bold red lip might seem out of your comfort zone or a look reserved for special occasions only, the truth is that red lipstick has a vibrant history and a deeper meaning that you should feel confident about participating in!

Red lipstick can make you feel bold, empowered, inspired, and more confident with minimal effort. It doesn’t take an entire look to make a statement. In fact, red lipstick is best paired with simple makeup that lets your lip color do the talking!


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One of the big fears associated with red lipstick is the effort it takes to maintain it throughout the day. Worries about it staining your teeth or bleeding throughout the day can make it feel like it’s more effort than it’s worth. Our tip? Pair your favorite red shade with a lip brush. A more precise application helps your lipstick stay inside the lines all day long!

With just a few simple tricks, you can rock a red lipstick look every day, letting it turn around a bad day or provide a much needed confidence boost for an important meeting. 

Whatever the reason, remember that red lipstick holds power and you deserve to wield it! 

Take this amazing quiz that helps you find the perfect shade for you based on skin tone, personal preferences, and whether you’re going for a special occasion or an everyday look! 


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Be sure to check out a wide range of red lipstick shades, accessories, and other cruelty free makeup from Besame Cosmetics, a women owned business committed to keeping the vibrant history of makeup alive and empowering women everywhere!

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