How to Wear Red Lipstick Every Day

It’s a common misconception that red lipstick is only for special occasions or days when you want to make a statement. On the contrary, we would argue that it’s totally possible to rock a red lipstick look every day of the week -- if you know how to do it right. You’ll be amazed at the results: feeling bold, empowered, and confident every single day.


Woman With red Hair Wearing Red Lipstick by Bésame Cosmetics


Still, a red lip look can be tricky. How do you apply red lipstick? How do you keep it looking flawless all day long while you do important things like eat, drink, and generally take over the world? How do you make it look bold, but understated? How do you perfectly match it to your clothes and other accessories? 

Lucky for you, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make red lipstick fit perfectly into your daily routine. Pretty soon, you’ll feel totally confident applying your favorite red lipstick every single morning -- and you’ll make it look so good, you’ll have other people wondering why they don’t do the same.


How to Apply Bésame's Red Lipstick Flawlessly


Tips for Wearing Red Lipstick Every Day

1) Don’t forget about the rest of your makeup routine

If you’re worried about your red lipstick overwhelming the rest of your look, you can easily elevate your makeup routine in a way that seamlessly blends your lipstick into your overall look. For example, choosing a rouge that can be used as both your cheek color and your lip color means you’ll always match -- and it’ll create a more understated look than making your red lipstick the only pop of color on your face.

Don’t forget that a red lip look doesn’t always mean you have to fully apply a red matte lipstick. While this look is super bold and super fun, red lipstick doesn’t always have to be bold. You can also try just dabbing a little bit on and topping it with a sheer gloss for a simpler, subtler look.


Image credit @vanessafrankenstein on IG 


And finally, don’t forget some sleek mascara for an elegant, finished look. Making your eyes pop and your lips pop makes for a show-stopping look every day of the week.


2) Accessorize

Nothing calls attention to statement lipstick like matching statement details and accessories! You might try adding a gorgeous red nail polish to your outfit so that your nails match your lips


Woman Wearing Matching Red Velvet Nail Polish and Red Velvet Bésame's Lipstick

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Now you’ve created a complete, intentional look that shows you’re ready to tackle the day! Your bold red lip color wasn’t just something you threw on -- you’ve carefully planned adding a powerful splash of red to your life. If you wanted to throw a matching red bag or the perfect pair of red heels to the mix, we wouldn’t say no.



3) Get ahead of smearing and smudging

One of the biggest worries around wearing red lipstick is that it will end up everywhere by the end of the day -- on your clothes, stained around your mouth, or on your teeth. 

Using a lip brush can help you control the amount of color that goes on up front, minimizing the amount of product that can smear and smudge all day long. 


Black Woman Applying Bésame's Red lipstick


Additionally, don’t forget that you can use Bésame's lipstick exclusive bullet shape to keep your red lipstick inside the lines. Frame your lips with the lipstick sharp edge and then fill in the middle with the blunt edge of the lipstick to minimize smearing and smudging as you go about your day.

4) Find the exact shade for you

Don’t settle for just any shade of red. Instead, think about what will work best with both your skin tone and your eye color. Different shades work different wonders for everyone, so feel free to experiment a little bit! You won’t always find the right color for you right away, so don’t give up on red lipstick if you don’t like the first one you try.


 Woman Wearing Bésame's Black Cake Mascara and Red Lipstick

Image credit @vero.dulce on IG


Or, if you prefer to skip the trial and error process, you can take this amazing quiz that helps you find the perfect shade for you based on skin tone, personal preferences, and whether you’re going for a special occasion or an everyday look! 

Live Your Life in Red

In color psychology, red provokes stronger emotions than any other color. Passion. Energy. Drama. Confidence. Power. Why wouldn’t you want to bring that kind of confidence and intensity into your everyday life? 


Woman Wearing Bésame's Black Cake Mascara and Red Lipstick

 Image credit @miss.emilykay on IG


The colors we wear make a statement, but they also make us who we are. With a little effort, anyone can find a shade of red that makes them not only feel momentarily bold, but truly empowered every day. 

Red lipstick isn’t just about completing a perfect outfit or dressing up for a special occasion, it’s all about how it makes you feel and how you let that boldness pervade your life. Give it a try and you might be surprised at how something as simple as lipstick can change the way you feel.

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