How To Apply Besame Lipstick!

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Have you ever wondered how to get that perfect bowed lip of some of the most beautiful silver screen beauties of the 1940's? Well, we have a step-by-step guide to get a perfectly applied glamorous pout.

Step 1. Choose a daring red shade from the Bésame collection such as Carmine, Bésame Red or, Cherry Red. Our unique hand-made lipsticks are formed into the perfect shape to apply your lipstick straight from the tube. Our reds are reproductions of the most sought after shades from the past.

Step 2. Shaping the lips can be a challenge but once you know this simple trick, you will get the perfect symmetrical shape every time. Using the corner edge of our unique lipstick as a liner, start at the outer corner of your upper lip. Follow along the line of your natural lip. Repeat this step on the opposite side. Remember girls, start at the corner following up toward and along the bow.

Step 3.  Take that same lipstick edge and connect the two sides with a center V. Notice the rounded heart shaped bow!

Step 4. To shape your bottom lip, use the same edge of the lipstick starting from each corner lining downward toward the center. You may smile to keep a smooth line.

Step 5. Now to fill in. Using the flat wide edge of the lipstick, use up and down strokes following the texture of your lips. By doing this, the lipstick is applied more evenly and lasts longer.

There you go Gorgeous!

Wondering why this works? By using our wrists the way they naturally move, in a circular motion, we automatically round the lips. By starting in the corner and working up on each side we are applying the lipstick symmetrically. Conversely, if we applied from top to bottom our hand would make a straight line. Many women apply one side rounded, the other straight much to their own frustration!


  • Anita

    Please could you also leave a tutorial on the model’s beautiful eye makeup? Thank you so much!

  • Barbara Logan

    I get to reorder everything, but one tube of lipstick. Between my granddaughters & grandnieces, they have decimated my Sephora stock!! I point them to the how tos’ and…….another generation of beauties is born!

  • Elena Dcruzz

    Using the lipstick as a creme blush is so clever, and it looks amazing! I’d never have thought to do that but now I’ll have to try :) My lips are dry to the extreme right now, making my matte difficult to pull off, but I’m hoping once weather warms up it will get easier.
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  • Kara

    I like this tip, but I noticed the girl in the video is doing exactly the opposite.

  • Jodi

    Just received my first tube from Sephora. This is the most comfortable, beautiful, long lasting lipstick ever!!! Thank you so much for bringing it to life!

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