All About Our Most Popular Shade - Red Velvet!

A color that stands the test of time, pigment that stays in place all day, and worn by working women and superheroes alike, Red Velvet might be our most versatile lipstick. A neutral red that packs a punch without overpowering, find out why people can’t get enough of Red Velvet.

Based On A Vital Time In History

brunette woman face closeup with makeup in 1940s style with besame red velvet box

After World War II, many imagined that life would return to normal, when in reality, things would never be the same. The empowerment women experienced during the war didn’t disappear and 1946 represented a time of change.

Red Velvet is based on a very popular shade from 1946, a color carried by many makeup brands. Women were still in the workplace, but also expected to go back to their homely duties. They wanted a hue that easily worked for day and night, but still packed powerful color. The color allowed women to feel confident and bold as they navigated life after the war. Even nearly 75 years later, Red Velvet still makes people feel brave, bold, and empowered.

Agent Carter Approved

Hayley Atwell as agent Carter on red and blue background

With its neutral undertone and exceptional pigment, Red Velvet was a Bésame Beauty favorite for years when the makeup artist for Agent Carter visited our boutique. She was looking for a signature lipstick for Peggy Carter and found Red Velvet to be the perfect fit. Especially since the show took place in 1946!

Hayley Atwell wore Red Velvet throughout the run of Agent Carter and even tweeted about her love of the lipstick!

Fan Favorite

brunette woman smiling with red lipstick on red background

Red Velvet is our best selling lipstick by far! This extremely popular shade got a lot of praise from Agent Carter fans, but people really fell in love with the long lasting color and unparalleled pigmentation. Here’s what some of our fans had to say about Red Velvet:

“This red shade is probably my favorite of all time. No other current company has ever made a red as good as this other than Besame.” - Courtney

“This is one of the finest red lipsticks ever made, and if you're wondering if you want it, you probably do”  - Shannon K.

“I have been using this shade for over a year now. When I'm not sure what type of red I want to wear, I always go to red velvet. It's the perfect ‘neutral’ red for me, because it's neither too warm nor too cool. Thank you Besame Cosmetics for creating the PERFECT lipstick for me!” - Anna

“This was my first Besame lipstick and honestly, all of Besame's classic colors need to be at cult status ASAP! Red Velvet is subdued compared to brighter reds in the lineup. This makes it a perfect color for more conservative events or office wear. And, it's Peggy Carter's signature lipstick. If it's good enough for Miss Peggy, it's good enough for the rest of us SHIELD agents. :) -” Rosalie

Our Most Versatile Red

composite closeup of three women wearing red velvet lipstick

With its triple-pigmented formula, creamy application, and semi-matte finish, Red Velvet is easy to apply and looks beautiful on everyone! The color is a strong red with a neutral undertone, so it works well with any skin type. Since the hue is an ideal balance between bright and dark, it looks great in the office and a night on the town.

If you’ve struggled to find a red that works for you, try Red Velvet. With over 300   5-star reviews, we know Red Velvet leaves you feeling glamorous, beautiful, and bold.

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