Why Pearls Are Making A Come-Back In 2022 - 2023

There’s very little that can match the shimmery perfection of a pearl. Humans have been coveting these natural beauties for thousands of years. Their luster and shine are entrancing, and it’s no surprise that pearls have been seen as valuable for millennia. 

Today, pearl jewelry is coming right back to the forefront of fashion. Pearl jewelry is a timeless fashion, and its classic style exudes elegance and sophistication. 

Pearls Are Classic

Pearls have played an important role in history— and not just the history of fashion and beauty. At the height of the Roman Empire, pearls were such a status symbol that the Roman general Vitellius sold just one of his mother’s pearl earrings to finance an entire military campaign. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra used her pearls to show her wealth and power; she once bet Marc Antony that she could host the most expensive dinner in the world. She then crushed one of her pearls into a glass of wine, then let it dissolve. The ancient Greeks used pearls for their wedding jewelry, a tradition that has continued today. 

Brunette Woman Wearing Bésame Cosmetics Makeup and Pearl Necklace

Unlike many other jewelry trends, pearls truly are timeless. Whether you’re wearing white pearls or a more colorful pearl, their shining iridescence connects you with the great beauties of the past. Simultaneously a trendy and classic style, pearls are the perfect jewelry for 2022.

Pearls Are Iconic

Perhaps no era was as pearl-positive as the Golden Age of Hollywood. In the early 1900s, methods to culture pearls were developed in Japan, and by the late 1920s, pearls weren’t just for the ultra-wealthy anymore. Cultured pearls meant that anybody could wear gorgeous pearl jewelry, and the strand of pearls became an iconic piece of jewelry for all the most fashionable women.

Between the 1930s and 1960s, pearl jewelry was seen adorning women like Coco Chanel, Doris Day, Jackie Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn was particularly fond of pearls and was frequently seen wearing pearl earrings during her daily activities. 

Pearls were beloved for many reasons. For actresses, pearls could give subtle sophistication or glamorous excitement. It all depended on how you wore them. 

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Pearls Are Versatile

One of the great things about pearl jewelry is how versatile it is. A simple pearl ring or classic pearl necklace can be elegant and classy, fun and whimsical, or sweet and innocent depending on how you wear it and what you pair with it. Pearls add a vintage touch to the most modern outfit, and as Jackie Kennedy was famous for saying, “pearls are always appropriate.” While today’s fashion trends seem to come and go almost too quickly to keep up with, pearls retain their stylishness due to their simplicity and versatility. You can wear them with absolutely anything, and they’ll always look good.

Red Hair Woman Wearing Bésame Cosmetics Makeup and Pearl Necklace

How To Wear Pearls

For elegant sophistication, pair your pearls with a black dress. Think Audrey Hepburn here— let your pearls make a statement and wear them front and center. A multi-strand necklace has a dramatic effect. You can either go bold or subtle with your lip color, but for this style to look its absolute best, you definitely want to emphasize your eyes. Our vintage cake mascara will highlight each lash with no clumping, giving you perfect lashes every time. 

For a look that effortlessly blends modern chic with vintage style, wear white pearls with bright colors. A pearl necklace or pearl bracelets work well here. You can channel Lucille Ball with some vivid red lipstick for that vivacious approach, or you can wear more neutral colors like pinks and peaches for a more subtle look.

For a fresh, clean look for spring, take some inspiration from Doris Day. You can pair a simple strand of pearls or a pearl solitaire necklace with pearl drop earrings for an innocent, youthful look that’s perfect for spring and summer. Orangey-pinks and corals are great makeup colors for this look. Since you want a fresh face, you might find that our Apricot Cream Rouge is just what you need; you can use it on your lips and cheeks for a perfect kiss of color.

If you want to get creative with your pearls, just look to Marilyn Monroe. She might have sung that diamonds were a girl’s best friend, but time and again she appeared in shimmering pearls. One of her favorite pieces of jewelry was the pearl necklace she was given as a gift by Joe Dimaggio on their Japanese honeymoon. In one of her famous photoshoots, she wore this strand of pearls wound around a silk scarf. The pearls nestled in the fabric for a beautiful contrast of texture. The shimmer of the silk and the sheen of the pearls complimented each other beautifully. 

However you wear your pearls, we know you’ll look timeless and classic. If you want to lean into that classy vintage look even further, Bésame’s vintage-inspired products are the perfect complement to your pretty pearls.

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