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Doris Day had an image all her own. She was young, beautiful, and blonde. What differentiated her from her peers was her wholesome every girl appeal. Doris’ beauty was centered around her huge smile and disarming charm. Appearing in many musicals and comedies, she charmed her way through decades of work. Doris always kept her image consistent. Her dresses and costumes were bright or pastel colors. Her peaches and cream complexion paired well with her choices in both coral and orangey red lipstick tones. Her golden blonde waves were shiny and thick. Doris wore her brows in a perfect arch with some thickness that was popular in the early 50s. She was perhaps best known for her bright blue eyes and never ending smile.


Today many women pursue the Doris Day look of the early 50s. This fresh, clean look has become a staple in Spring and Summer style that is always a hit!


Pair a floral full skirt with a coordinating cardigan. Wear your hair curled and pinned at the nape to emulate the 1950s coif. And do not forget, Besame has reproductions of the very same popular colors worn at the time!

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As far as I know, Ms. Doris Day is STILL ALIVE!!! Please revise your comments from past tense! I am a BIG fan of her singing, as were my parents, who were from her generation.

Patricia Niedrich January 25, 2015

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