New Episode! Lucie Arnaz on the Classic Beauty with Bésame Podcast

In honor of our new Lucille Ball Collection, Gabriela sits down with the women that knew Lucy best — Lucie Arnaz and Kate Luckinbill Connor! The daughter and granddaughter of Lucy discuss growing up with an icon.

Lucie talks about her own illustrious film/tv/stage career, makeup and selfceare advice she got from her mom, and a fascinating story about how a ghostly visit influenced I Love Lucy

Kate's bringing the joy of Lucy to a new generation with @TheLucyLegacy and discusses cherished memories of her grandparents.

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Though Lucie Arnaz's shows have been postponed due to Covid-19, check for updates and future ticketing details.

Here are some personal photos Kate and Lucie shared with us:

All three generations! Lucy, Lucie, and Kate as a baby.

Kate and Lucie, both looking adorable!


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wonderful! <3

Victoria Allison June 25, 2020

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