Maleficent Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is around the corner, and so is the release of the new movie “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.” There’s never been a more perfect time to channel your inner villainess and recreate this Maleficent look!
Using items from our 1959 Sleeping Beauty Collection plus a few other Bésame favorites, we based this look off of the original animated Maleficent. We used the shades that are exact matches to the inks and paints used for Maleficent in the film to make it as authentic as possible!
Check out our tutorial video to learn how to create this look yourself. 

(By the way... did you know that contrary to popular belief, Maleficent’s skin isn’t actually green in the original film? It’s more of a pale grey color!)


  • Susan Perry

    Fast choppy and not terribly useful except to show the product. If the intent was really to share application instruction this is a failure.

  • Victoria J Bork

    I wish that you would formulate a lipstick that stays just the light blue hue in “Make it Blue, Make it Pink”. I love that lipstick but am looking for a light blue that is complimentary. Thank you!

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