Interview with Jimmy Kimmel's Personal Makeup Artist Stephanie Fowler!

 "I said 'yes' to everything" - Stephanie Fowler

On this month's episode of Classic Beauty with Besame, Gabriela talks to Emmy-nominated makeup artist Stephanie Fowler. 

Stephanie discusses her time making over mermaids on Pirates of the Caribbean, playing with prosthetics on Nip/Tuck, and find out Kiefer Sutherland's one makeup request on 24.

Though Stephanie has worked on many film and television productions, she's now the personal makeup artist for Jimmy Kimmel. Hear all about the ins and outs of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and what it's like being the dedicated makeup artist for one celebrity.

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Photo Gallery

Stephanie helped Jimmy parody a variety of popular TV shows for TV guide

A series of looking parodying popular shows for TV guide

When Stephanie transformed Dave Grohl into David Letterman

Stephanie herself!



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hi, I’m a Chinese fan of Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

Tatiana December 11, 2019

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