From 1920 to 2020 - Get the Jazz Age Look with Bésame!

As we head into a new decade, there's no better time to celebrate the beauty of the 1920s! If you want an authentic Jazz Age look for a night out, New Years Eve party, or any event where you want to feel a little more glamorous, Bésame has everything you need. 

Cake Mascara

Bésame Cake Mascara in Black, Brown, and Purple, $25

Brows, Liner, Beauty Mark, Lashes - done! All thanks to Bésame Cake Mascara. In the 20s, women would have used a similar black cake to give their lashes length. Our Cake Mascara uses modern ingredients to make it safe, effective, and three products in one. 

Just add a drop of water and the cake comes to life. Use a brush to paint on the thin, curved brows of the 20s, then lay on the liner for the dark eye look. To finish, use the small applicator (that comes in the tin of Cake Mascara) to make your lashes dramatically dark. For a little extra 20s fun, dip a brush onto the cake and give yourself a beauty mark!

Cake Mascara now comes in Black, Brown, and Purple. Try all three!

1920 - Besame Red Lipstick

Bésame Red Lipstick, $22

Start the decade with a bright, bold red! Bésame Red is based on a shade from 1920, when consumer cosmetics just began and women had the freedom to start expressing themselves. This true red has a slight blue undertone and a satin finish. Whether you're wearing a flapper dress or a black business suit, this color makes you feel like a person who's ready for anything.

1922 - Blood Red Lipstick

Blood Red Lipstick, $22

Feel like a silent film star with our Blood Red lipstick. This deep, dark red adds immediate drama to any look. The undertone is pure red, so it won't turn pink or orange while the incredibly saturated color stays in place all day. For an authentic 20s look, overemphasize your Cupid's bow and don't fill the lips completely. The result should be a cute, circular pout like Clara Bow.

1925 - Forever Red

Forever Red Lipstick, $22

A red that's worked for almost 100 years, Forever Red is a wonderful every day lip shade. Right in between the brightness of Bésame Red and the drama of Blood Red, Forever Red truly lives up to its name. The red is highly pigmented with a slightly cool undertone that's appropriate for a day at the office or a night at the Speakeasy. 

French Vanilla Loose Brightening Powder


French Vanilla Loose Brightening Powder, $22

Instead of foundation or concealer, women in the 20s relied on light powders to even out their complexion. Our brightening powder reduces redness, sets makeup, and adds a touch of brightness to the skin. The powder compliments any foundation and keeps shine away even if you're dancing the Charleston all night long.

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  • Thomas blaylock

    Hey besame! I was wondering when yall plan to do a 1920s eyeshadow! Im soon gonna start my own fashion company and planning on doing old timey fashion and consodering yalls makeup for images for my models…. And was hoping for eyeshadow from every era yall do.

  • Liz Dawborn

    Great to see some old products coming back into stock.
    I’m looking forward to the day that the 1930’s Mascara comes back – hope I don’t have to
    wait another 10 years

  • Kathy Anne Lindsay

    Hi, Besame,
    I have been waiting ever so long for your 1963 Portrait Pink Lipstick to come back in stock!
    Is it ever going to come back in full size? Also, does being a Rewards Member still give us free shipping at the higher tiers of membership? The site keeps charging me for shipping, even though I am signed in as a Rewards member. I love Besame products and recommend you to my friends.
    Thank you,Kathy

  • Karen Fulton

    I just love all of your products

  • Kathleen

    Thank-you Besame! I’m all about vintage in dress and decor, I was thrilled when I found you! I love the fact that you’re family owned. I love that your beautiful cosmetics look awesome on my vanity and on my face.
    Thank-you for adding beauty to the world. ❤️


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