Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Cake Mascara

Cake Mascara is long wearing, long lasting, and has been around a long time. Based on the original formulation of mascara in the 1920's, Bésame's Cake Mascara has gone viral, becoming one of our most popular products, and has a lot of fascinating history.

15 Fascinating Facts About Cake Mascara

Since Cake Mascara is such a unique product, it's inspired a lot of questions. And we have answers! Check out our Bésame Tutorials Series to find out everything you always wanted to know about Cake Mascara.

How Do I Use Cake Mascara?

How Much Water Should I Use?

Is Cake Mascara Waterproof? 

How Do I Use The Applicator?

Does Cake Mascara Only Work With The Applicator?

If You Used Too Much Water 

If You Didn't Add Enough Water 

How Can I Get More Volume?

If I Make Mistakes, Is Cake Hard To Clean?


Does Cake Mascara Layer Well? 

Does It Work On Lash Extensions?

How to Apply Cake As Eyeliner

 How Much Water Should I Use For Eyeliner?

What Does It Look Like If I Use Too Much Water?

How Do I Fix If It's Too Wet?

Does Cake Work For A Cat Eye Look?


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I would absolutely love this in NAVY blue!

Kristine January 28, 2020

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