Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Cake Mascara

Cake Mascara is long wearing, long lasting, and has been around a long time. Based on the original formulation of mascara in the 1920's, Bésame's Cake Mascara has gone viral, becoming one of our most popular products, and has a lot of fascinating history.

15 Fascinating Facts About Cake Mascara

Since Cake Mascara is such a unique product, it's inspired a lot of questions. And we have answers! Check out our Bésame Tutorials Series to find out everything you always wanted to know about Cake Mascara.

How Do I Use Cake Mascara?

How Much Water Should I Use?

Is Cake Mascara Waterproof? 

How Do I Use The Applicator?

Does Cake Mascara Only Work With The Applicator?

If You Used Too Much Water 

If You Didn't Add Enough Water 

How Can I Get More Volume?

If I Make Mistakes, Is Cake Hard To Clean?


Does Cake Mascara Layer Well? 

Does It Work On Lash Extensions?

How to Apply Cake As Eyeliner

 How Much Water Should I Use For Eyeliner?

What Does It Look Like If I Use Too Much Water?

How Do I Fix If It's Too Wet?

Does Cake Work For A Cat Eye Look?


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  • Sue Harrison

    Is the brown shade warm or cool toned? Is the color more like dark chocolate or milk chocolate? The answers to these 2 question here on the web page would tell all we need to hear since we who can’t wear black constantly search for the perfect browns for mascara, liner and brow color.

  • Kristine

    I would absolutely love this in NAVY blue!

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