For the month of April, Classic Beauty with Bésame Cosmetics welcomes a special guest, Eryn Krueger Mekash! Eryn is a highly-esteemed makeup artist whose work has earned her a multitude of awards in the film and TV industry. You may have seen her artistry on shows and films like American Horror Story, John Carter, Feud: Joan and Betty, Glee, and Nip/Tuck just to name a few.  We've included a special gallery of behind-the-scenes photos at the bottom of this blog, but be warned- Eryn is very good at her job and the images can be graphic for sensitive viewers, so please view at your personal discretion. 

We get to listen in on Eryn’s conversation with Gabriela as the two chat about what it’s like working on set, the products Eryn has in her kit, makeup history, and so much more. It’s a real treat to get an inside look at the entertainment industry and the process of an award-winning makeup artist, so take a listen below and enjoy.


Courtesy of IMATS


Eryn's Favorites

Black Cake Mascara

Order Here


Long Hair Finishing Powder Brush

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Chocolate Kiss Sheer Lipstick


Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

Check back on the blog this month for updates. You can also view Eryn’s IMDB page for a full list of her credits and awards. Be sure to tweet at us @BesameCosmetics with your questions and thoughts on this episode!



  • Andrea

    Very interesting and informative. I have new respect for professional makeup artists. I liked learning that costumes came first, then the makeup color palette and how important it is to stick with period makeup in a film. I also didn’t know that lipsticks were so limited in colors in earlier periods. Thank you for the video. I love old films and the glamour of earlier periods.

  • Elaine Hall

    I really enjoyed this Thankyou this was very interesting. Much love to you both😘😘

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