Classic Beauty with Bésame Cosmetics Episode Six: Gabriela Hernandez & Sleeping Beauty!

This month, Gabriela Hernandez talks with host Jené about our newest collection, the Disney Sleeping Beauty 1959 Collection. Listen as they talk about the development process, working with Disney, inspiration for packaging and colors, and MUCH more!

10 Things You Need to Know about Sleeping Beauty: The 1959 Collection.

Last week, we posted a blog post walking you through 10 unique traits of this very special collection. If you have not read that, we encourage you to do that first here!

Image Gallery

Gabriela Hernandez in the Disney Archives looking at original Sleeping Beauty sketches.
Gabriela Hernandez compares the 1959 Shadow Palette concept art with the actual screen-used Sleeping Beauty book
An original concept image for Aurora - The image later used as the basis for the Aurora in the film!
Early concept art for Aurora
Early concept art for one of the fairies
Objects displayed in Sleeping Beauty inspired the packaging for many of the items in the 1959 collection including the Vanity Mirror and the Locket Cream Rouge

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  • Mary

    I loved listening to this behind the scenes process of making the S.B. collection. So interesting to hear about the props, inspiration and art work. Thanks Gabrielle for really going the extra mile on this collection. I love it!

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