Cake Mascara How To!

Before the tube mascaras we know today were invented, it was all about Cake Mascara. From Ancient Egypt all the way to Marilyn herself, women would drop a few drops of water (or spit!) onto their mascara cake, rub the applicator around and apply to lashes. You might ask why we brought it back? The answer is simple! This is the best mascara to build up those lashes with no clumps! Wash your applicator afterwards and you have the easiest most sanitary way to get beautiful lashes like your favorite old Hollywood starlets! Here are some tips and tricks to get you started! 

Using our Cake Mascara is as easy as... well... CAKE!  Slide box out and open wax paper to reveal your Black Cake Mascara. Open flaps on the side of the box to reveal your included applicator brush. 

For Mascara:  Wet your included applicator with a very small amount of water and rub it back and forth onto the cake until you make a soft paste (add more water to make the texture thinner if using for brows or eyeliner).  Do not add more than one drop of water at a time. Too much water will dilute the product and give it a see-through consistency. Apply with the applicator included by brushing up on the lashes. Pause between coats for drying time and apply another coat as needed until you reach your desired length and fullness. 

For Eyebrows: Use a slanted brush and dip into the cake mascara. Rub back-and-forth until the brush tip is fully coated. Apply to the brow in short strokes and finish by using a dry spool brush to brush through the brow.

For Eyeliner: Use a slightly thinner mixture of the cake mascara with a fine tip eyeliner brush. Dip into the cake and draw a line on the lid. To darken or thicken the line, wait a couple seconds for the first line to dry and then proceed to go over it with more strokes until you reach your desired darkness or thickness.

If you make a mistake, don't worry! Just use a damp cotton swab to remove the line and draw again. When dry, the Cake Mascara will not smudge but can easily be removed with soap and water. When finished using your mascara, wash all applicators and slide the mascara back into the box and it will dry naturally. 

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