Besame Cosmetics On Television! Feud: Bette And Joan

Feud: Bette And Joan
Did you catch us on this season of Feud: Bette And Joan? Every episode we were featured in we couldn't help but gasp in delight! We are big fans of the team on this show and were honored to be featured. You can catch us in several episodes, not only used as props but on the actors themselves. At Besame our items are very highly pigmented and show up wonderfully on screen and in photos. We pride ourselves on this and love it every time we get the chance to be a part of an amazing production. What did you think of the show and did you see us? Let us know in the comments below!  
Special thanks to one of our favorite blogs for capturing these fantastic stills! 


  • WilliamPloff

    In memorial of the old Disney Channel

    yesterday, I was flipping with TV guide, Mindlessly seeking for something to watch while I put off my lengthening list of homework assignments. very quickly, I landed on the Disney funnel, Where an episode of “Big City green veggies” Was playing golf. Out of curiosity, I stuck around to watch for several minutes of the cartoon to see what was happening in the show.

    But an hour were all I could take before continuing my scan of that night’s television programming.

    As I flicked through old instances of "others, New installments of "keeping up with the Kardashians, And my way through between, All I could thinking about was how painful those few minutes of “Big City produce” happened to be. so what happened to the old Disney Channel? How did it go from acquiring hits like “The Suite lifetime of Zack and Cody” To duds love "Dog which also has a Blog, When did it stop creating original copies like “which So Raven” And start recycling characters and among its newest shows, "Raven’s back, Was it the reality that I’d grown up that made this new Disney Channel so hard [url=]moldova dating[/url] to watch, Or was it really simply that bad?

    As a middle child sandwiched involving two mid ’90s kids and one early 2000s child, I saw the Disney Channel at its prime over countless years. I enjoyed “Lizzie McGuire” With my older siblings, Vividly note when “Hannah montana” premiered, And rooted for my personal favorite celebs during the "Disney manner Games, My younger sister and I were endlaved by “apartment Life” And anxiously awaited each new “your childhood Musical” Sing along deal.

    But as we spent my youth, So did the celebrities, And the best shows started going to their ends. We mourned the finale of “magicians of Waverly Place” As Disney changed its logo and a new batch of young actors and performers claimed their stakes as Disney Channel regulars. by the time my younger sister was of the true Disney watching age, totally the era of “all the best,enjoy Charlie” and "austin texas and Ally, I still watched together with her, But i remember thinking the jokes weren’t as funny and the actors weren’t as convincing anymore. certainly sure, “Jonas” May have turned out a few catchy songs, But the slapstick humor and lackluster acting was hard to watch, Even as a teenager obsessive about Nick Jonas.

    regrettably there’s, My younger sister missed the golden many Disney Channel. She implies saw the “Pass the plate” Segments and is too young to remember the most successful Disney Channel original movies. I observed as she [url=]moldova dating sites[/url] watched shows that didn’t resonate with her the way former Disney originals did with me and my older sisters.

    Maybe it wasn’t my maturing sense of humor that made watching the Disney Channel harder regularly. definitely, My sisters and I still look back and laugh at clips of Zack and Cody’s antics in the Tipton Hotel. We incredibly sing and dance to “What Dreams come from” originally from "The Lizzie McGuire video clip, And if a person forced us to watch every episode of "this is So Raven, We wouldn’t be the least bit mad. The same shows that taught us lessons about life and friendship years ago are still funny and considering today. it can be nostalgia that keeps us laughing, But something tells me it isn’t.

    Shows of Disney’s past were genuinely dazzling. Not only did the plots and well crafted comedy appeal to younger audiences, even so they engaged adults, also. that is as we grew up, It was still fun to watch the shows we grew up with. archetypes were more genuine, Actors were more real, And there was a more familial feel to the channel by and large.

    in fact, The socialize is a shadow of its former self. Just look at Disney’s rapidly declining ratings, Which have been in free fall within the last few decade. Lucky for folks who remember Disney Channel at its best, there are ways to rewatch our old favorites. Unlucky for kids in the moment at Disney watching age, They wouldn’t be missing out by cutting the cord on the current shows and looking to streaming services to discover the old Disney Channel classics at last.

  • Jessica

    What was the neon red shade they used?

  • Elizabeth

    I certainly noticed it! I even pointed it out to my husband—“Look! There’s my makeup!” ☺️Fabulous show!

  • Kim Campbell

    I knew it! My eyes were not deceiving me!

  • Megan

    I did notice and loved it!

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