Besame Cosmetics On Television! Feud: Bette And Joan

Feud: Bette And Joan
Did you catch us on this season of Feud: Bette And Joan? Every episode we were featured in we couldn't help but gasp in delight! We are big fans of the team on this show and were honored to be featured. You can catch us in several episodes, not only used as props but on the actors themselves. At Besame our items are very highly pigmented and show up wonderfully on screen and in photos. We pride ourselves on this and love it every time we get the chance to be a part of an amazing production. What did you think of the show and did you see us? Let us know in the comments below!  
Special thanks to one of our favorite blogs for capturing these fantastic stills! 


  • Elizabeth

    I certainly noticed it! I even pointed it out to my husband—“Look! There’s my makeup!” ☺️Fabulous show!

  • Kim Campbell

    I knew it! My eyes were not deceiving me!

  • Megan

    I did notice and loved it!

  • Jane

    that is so awesome. Congratulations, Gabriela and Besame!!!

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