1965 Portrait Peach

1965 Portrait Peach

We are pleased to announce our newest color, 1965 Portrait Peach! This soft, pastel peach is an exact replica of a shade from 1965. During the mid sixties it was common to wear a lighter more pastel shade of lipstick to pair with the heavy eye makeup look of the time. Big lashes, lots of eyeliner and fun shades of eyeshadow were popular in the year 1965, while the lips were usually peach or pink with a white base. This color can be seen in so many pictures from the mid sixties on every one from Audrey Hepburn to Twiggy. Nowadays this color makes a lovely neutral, perfect for a light makeup day or pair it with a smokey eye for a groovy nighttime look. We hope you enjoy! 








  • Marina

    Ah, please bring this color back! I couldn’t find my shade on your website but this is it!

  • Fae-Roux

    Indeed, how wonderful it would be if we could see more of her… :D Such a shade, or even any remotely similar is impossible to find, even when you lose all your standards.
    And for some, like myself, it just f*g sucks; because it’s basically What My Lips Are Supposed to Look Like.
    And at a certain age, you just give up on trying to mix all those lippies and blushes and foundation to get that. I really regret that I missed out on it.
    It’s kind of ridiculous, you stop stalking Besamé for few years, and suddenly you find they actually put out this – and you can’t get it.

    And sad that things like this, and the cream mascara, and the good old compact powder just disappear.
    I do try to tell myself that it’s just make-up, and I’m barely making ends meet, so maybe it’s even good luck, buut… :D
    Well. Cute that it happened I guess.

  • Lilly

    I’ve been waiting for the return of portrait peach for months! Please bring back 🙏🏻 🍑

  • Danielle

    I want the peach and pink color. I hope you bring the the peach one back

  • Yvonne

    When will Portrait Peach be back in stock? I really Need this color ❤️

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