1965 Portrait Peach

1965 Portrait Peach

We are pleased to announce our newest color, 1965 Portrait Peach! This soft, pastel peach is an exact replica of a shade from 1965. During the mid sixties it was common to wear a lighter more pastel shade of lipstick to pair with the heavy eye makeup look of the time. Big lashes, lots of eyeliner and fun shades of eyeshadow were popular in the year 1965, while the lips were usually peach or pink with a white base. This color can be seen in so many pictures from the mid sixties on every one from Audrey Hepburn to Twiggy. Nowadays this color makes a lovely neutral, perfect for a light makeup day or pair it with a smokey eye for a groovy nighttime look. We hope you enjoy! 








  • Hemali

    Can’t find portrait peach on the website

  • paula debono

    where can I buy 1965 portrait peach lipstick

  • suzanne

    I just ordered the peach and can’t wait until it arrives. I loved the 60 ‘s highlighting my two favorites, Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn. You do not get much more iconic than those two, Ageless and they made the 60’s THE fashion decade and beauty decade. Thank you Besame. I was afraid you would focus on lhe 50’s.

  • wilhelmina

    i just got the portrait peach,and it is perfect. i love it! i have shopped with besame since the begging. love it.

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