1960s Cat Eye Liner

While there have been many incarnations of the cat eyeliner look since the 50s and 60s, the authenticity and clever application has at times been lost. Looking back at the original look brings perspective to not only the application, but also the tools that were used to achieve such a demure look.  

The original look of cat eyeliner evoked a sex appeal and air of glamour. It was most often applied with a cake eyeliner and a thin liner brush. This added a depth and texture that is not achieved with more modern formulas.

Get the look:

1-Start with Besame Cake Mascara (and liner!)  in black. Add a few drops of water. Mix with the thin eyeliner brush creating a creamy paste. For help getting the right consistency with your Cake Mascara, check out our tutorial videos!

2-With a hand held or pedestal mirror positioned at a 45 degree angle below your face, hold your eyes half open. This allows for you to see what you are doing while having your eyes in the correct position for applying your liner.

3-Start at the very base of your lashes in the middle of your eye drawing outward. Use the side of the liner brush rather than the tip to create a smooth thin line. Stop the line just before the corner of your eye turns downward.

4-With your other hand gently hold your eye lid slightly stretched to draw a very fine line from your inner corner meeting the first line in the center. You should now have a liner that gets gradually thicker as it moves toward the outer corner.

5-The flick. With your eyes open looking directly in the mirror, visualize where the flick should end. It should be in a position that lifts the eye and is flattering. It should not be too exaggerated. Take a tiny dot of liner to mark that spot. Apply more liner to the brush, connecting the dot to the top of the corner of your eyeliner. There should be a small gap between the actual corner of your eye and the flick. Connect the two with a small downward stroke.

The beauty of the cat eye is, it can be flattering on everyone. Mastering the correct shape for your individual look just takes a little attention to detail and the best product and tools. Cake Mascara gives you wonderful control over how dark and thick you'd like your line. Plus, the vintage design really makes you feel like you've taken a trip back to the 60s!

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  • Ana

    Cool! That’s a clever way of loonikg at it!

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