Our Besame Girl - Throwback Feature on Gabriela Hernandez

At Bésame, we're used to taking trips to the past. This time, we're not going back to the 30s or 40s, we're taking a trip to 2007!

This featurette was part of a series on exceptional women for Lifetime Television. It gives a wonderful look behind the scenes of Bésame and Gabriela's family.

See those adorable little kids in the video? They work for Bésame now! Yes, Bésame is a true family company. Run by Gabriela and her husband Fergus, her two children now play major roles in the business. 

Though Bésame has grown a great deal since this video, family is still number 1. And 15 years from now, that'll still be Gabriela's top priority.


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  • carmen

    Bésame cosmetics Eres un orgullo Latino😉👍😍😘

  • Garry

    All of these articles have saved me a lot of heahdcaes.

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