Released August 2019

The Sleeping Beauty collection

A spellbinding collection created once upon a dream.

About the collection

In honor of the 60th anniversary of Walt Disney’s classic film “Sleeping Beauty,” we proudly collaborated with Disney to create an exclusive collection inspired by the artwork and story of the beloved Princess Aurora.

Through extensive research with the Disney Archives and Disney Ink and Paint Department, we faithfully matched the colors and artwork to bring beautiful, authentic recreations from the classic 1959 film. Bésame founder Gabriela Hernandez even used the original animation cells to achieve exact color matches for the eyeshadow palette and character lipsticks!

Swooning over this set?

If you love the looks from our Sleeping Beauty series, check out these fan favorites inspired by the original collection.

Aurora - 1959 Translucent powder Refill

A delicate, rosy pink shade, this translucent powder gives you a subtle "blush from within" look. Ideal for the apples of the cheeks or anywhere that needs a hint of color.


Magic Pink Lipstick

Taking cues from the iconic dress-changing scene in “Sleeping Beauty,” this whimsical shade brings fairytale magic to your daily beauty ritual. Though it appears blue in our gold metal tube, the color shifts when applied based on your personal pH, creating your own signature shade ranging from light rose pink to darker magenta.


1959 Rose Gold Highlighter Refill

Create a gorgeous, natural-looking glow with flecks of shimmer for a fairy-like look. Use this highlighter to accentuate the cheekbones, a brow bone, or any other part of the face (including eyes).


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