Released 2020

The Mary Poppins Collection

A collection practically perfect in every way

About The Collection

The magic of Disney’s cherished 1964 film came to life with this limited series collection. “Mary Poppins” features a one-of-a-kind nanny, and it was only right to honor the beloved character with beautifully unique, era-appropriate products.

These collectible cosmetics immersed fans of the film in the world of 17 Cherry Tree Lane through luxurious, highly detailed pieces. Practically Perfect Powder was based on the design of Mary Poppins’ compact in the film; Poppins Red Lipstick was based on the lip color actually used in the film; Mary's Cream Rouge came in a custom tin featuring Mary’s signature floral design.

Mary’s Red Lipstick - 1964

Mary’s Red Lipstick - 1964

If you love the colors from our Mary Poppins series, don’t miss this fan favorite inspired by the original collection. Bring iconic beauty into your everyday routine! This rich red suits a wide range of skin tones, and the feather-proof, long-wearing satin finish stays put (even after a spoonful of sugar).Add to cart

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