Released Spring 2021

The Marilyn Monroe Collection

An exquisite collection for an iconic beauty

About the collection

As one of Hollywood’s most recognizable women, it’s only fitting that we created a Marilyn Monroe collection honoring her era-defining makeup.

Based on vintage items from her own personal collection, this set was inspired by some of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite cosmetics. At the time of its release, each set came with a detailed guide to replicate Marilyn’s unforgettable 1950s look. Featuring her favorite colors and historically accurate products, this Iconic Woman collection allowed Old Hollywood lovers to celebrate and recreate Marilyn’s glamour every day.

Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate idol of the silver screen, but is seldom recognized for creating her iconic look. Marilyn knew exactly how to accentuate her features, pioneered on-screen makeup techniques, and created the bombshell character that epitomized glamour. Through her savvy, dedication, and beauty, Marilyn Monroe continues to inspire women worldwide.

Red Hot Red Lipstick - 1959

Red Hot Red Lipstick - 1959

If you love the looks from the Marilyn Monroe Collection, check out Red Hot Red Lipstick - 1959. A Bésame signature item, this true fire-engine red hue was inspired by Marilyn’s favorite lipstick.

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