Tutorial: Retro Witch Look For Halloween

Bewitchingly beautiful, but oh-so-simple! For this look, we took inspiration from our favorite glamorous retro witches of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. We were inspired by alluring witchy icons such as Veronica Lake in “I Married A Witch” and Elizabeth Montgomery in “Bewitched.” There’s even a little bit of a pin-up influence! Who says witches have to be green and covered in warts, anyway? If you want your Halloween look to be simple, pretty, and retro, look no further than this costume! Using just a couple of Bésame products, you’ll be transformed into this entrancing look in no time. It’s an easy and impressive look for a Halloween party, or if you want to casually dress-up at the office. Just follow these steps! Here’s what you’ll need:

Now, here’s how to create this Retro Witch makeup look.

1.   Start with your brows! Using a shade that matches your eyebrows (here we used Brown Cake Mascara) fill and shape them. Retro-looking brows from the 50s are naturally full but also arched and super defined.

2.   Starting toward the outer corners of the eyes, use the Sleeping Beauty Eyeshadow Palette and your eyeshadow brush and apply the color Blush 105 to the outer lid and crease of the eyes, going almost up to the brow bone using small circular motions. Blend it from the outer corner toward the center of the eyelid, but no further. Then apply Dust 107 over the Blush 105 and into the crease of the eyes in a sideways V (<) shape to darken the crease and outer edge of the eyelid. Blend the two shades together again in small circular motions. 

3.   Apply the shade Grey Pink to the eyelid, from the center to the inner corner of the eye by pressing the product into the lid. Blend this shade with Blush 105 where they meet in the center of the eyelid. Next, using the Maleficent Highlight (the rose gold shade) from the Briar Rose Blush Palette, use your brush to dust the highlight over the lid of your eye, concentrating it especially toward the inner eye. Add an extra glimmer into the inner corner tear duct to give your eye look an extra “pop.”

4.   Take your liner brush and apply Black Cake Mascara to your upper lid, following your lash line closely. Make your liner medium in thickness, across the entire lid, and flicking upward on the end to create a 50s-style cat eye.


5.   Using a spoolie mascara brush, add a couple of coats of Black Cake Mascara to your lashes to give them length, volume, and darkness. Use the wiggle method (wiggle the spoolie back and forth between your lashes instead of an upward motion) to apply.

6.   Using the Cashmere Powder shade of your choice (here we used the shade Cocoa), apply to your entire face and neck to give a smooth, even, and matte finish to the skin. Use our rouge brush with a pressing motion to apply. 

7.   Next, pick up your Briar Rose Blush Palette again and with a rouge brush apply the Maleficent Blush shade (the darker pink blush) to the apples of your cheeks.

8. Finally, give your lips a full coat of 1925 Forever Red lipstick for that iconic red lip! Then blot once to help keep your lipstick from transferring.

9.   Wear a retro black dress, paint your nails a pretty red shade, add the classic black witch hat, and accessorize with any fun witchy items such as a broom, a pumpkin, or a black cat! Get ready to enchant those around your with this adorable Retro Witch look! 

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  • Noelle Neal

    I love how the colors pop on the models skin tone. This look was made for her. So beautiful!!

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