Tutorial: Classic Cat Look For Halloween

Looking for a fun, adorable, and not-too-complicated Halloween costume? Well, look no further than this purr-fect Classic Cat costume! Using just a couple of Besame products, you’ll be transformed into this fine feline in no time. It’s an easy and impressive look for a Halloween party, or if you want to casually dress-up at the office. Just follow these steps! Here’s what you’ll need:

Now, here’s how to create this Classic Cat look.

1. Using the Sleeping Beauty Eyeshadow Palette, apply the color 89353 lightly to the outer corner and crease of the eyes in the shape of a sideways V (<) . Then apply 89396 into the crease of the eyes with small circular motions, not swiping back and forth.

2. Use any dark eyeshadow of your preference (something in the grey, black, purple, or dark brown scheme) to apply to the outer corner of the lid in a < shape, like step 1. 

3. Next, use your Cashmere Powder (we used the shade Light here) with an eyeshadow brush and apply it to the inner corner of the eye with a pressing motion, being careful not to swipe the product. 

4. Next, using Black Cake Mascara and a small eyeliner brush, give yourself a long, dramatic “cat” eye! Start in the center of the lid and go outward and upward, toward the end of the eyebrow. Make a thin line, then go back over it to fill it in and thicken it out. Once the wing looks the way you like it, go back to the center of the eye and continue the liner inward over your lid, slightly less thick of a line than you had created for your wing.

5. Using Black Cake Mascara and a spoolie brush or the small brush from your cake mascara tin, give yourself black, cat-like brows. Fill them in following your natural brow shape, then using your small eyeliner brush, create furr-like details on the top in little wispy strokes.

6. Keep using your small eyeliner brush and Black Cake Mascara! You’re now going to create a lower lash line, starting from the outside corner of the eye. Follow your lower lash line with your liner until you get to about the midpoint of the eye. Then, slope downward slightly and toward the nose. Draw the line just slightly past your tear duct. This will give your eye a cat-like appearance.

7. Next, create a cat nose. Take your liner brush and your cake mascara and create a black shape on the tip of your nose, going over the nostrils on either side and down the center of the nose. The shape will vary depending on how your nose is shaped, but it’s almost like drawing a wide, squished heart-shape. Add a thin line from the base of your nose to the top of your cupid’s bow.

8. Set aside the cake mascara for now (we’ll use it again soon) and apply your Cashmere Powder all over your face for a matte finish coverage, and apply a rouge of your choice to your cheeks (we used Apricot Cream Rouge here).

9. Using Black Cake Mascara again, apply three lines to the apples of your cheeks and three small dots above the lips for whiskers. Then, line the top lip as well with a curved line that goes slightly above your natural lip line.

10. Using Forever Red and a lip brush, apply a thick, dark layer of Forever Red to only the top lip, lining it up with the black line you created with your cake mascara.

11. Then, using Maleficent, fill in only your bottom lip for a contrasted lighter shade to help give your mouth a cat-like look!

12. Lastly, add a couple of coats of Black Cake Mascara to your lashes- and a pair of false lashes, if you wish! Then apply a light eyeshadow color to the inside corners of your eyes to help make the cat-eye effect stand out.

13. Add cat ears on your head to complete the look. You’re done! You’re ready for a paws-itively great time as this cute Classic Cat!

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