Top 10 Reasons To Use Cake Mascara

Top 10 Reasons To Use Cake Mascara
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Our Cake Mascara has been the talk of the beauty world for the last couple of months and we keep hearing the same question, “Why should I use Cake Mascara over regular mascara?”. Well, we have the answers!


Hygiene! This nifty mascara is the safest possible way to put mascara on your eyes. By not putting your applicator that has just touched your eyes back into a closed tube, you avoid bacteria build up! You also wash the applicator after use, which once again makes sure that anything bad doesn’t grow. The block of Cake Mascara also dries quickly after use as well and that means that it doesn’t stay moist, once again preventing bacteria from growing.

Luscious and long lashes! Because Cake Mascara doesn’t have to be kept as a paste in a tube, it doesn’t dry out or clump, making your lashes fabulously long. Also, Cake Mascara is wax based which makes it easier to grab your lashes and coat them creating a long and lovely lash!

Control! By having control in how you apply Cake Mascara, you can choose the darkness, thickness and amount that you apply to your lashes each time, compared to regular mascaras that often come out of the tube clumped or too thick etc.

Three products in one! Cake Mascara can be used for your brows, eyeliner AND lashes! Instead of buying three expensive products you get all three in one, cutting down the time your beauty routine takes AND the cost!

Excellent for sensitive eyes! Cake Mascara has a very low ingredient count unlike regular mascaras. You can be assured that Cake Mascara doesn’t contain any of the harmful ingredients that are often found in normal mascaras. Because of this it is perfect for sensitive skin and eyes. It also doesn’t make the eyes itch near the end of the day! It is Gluten Free, Paraben Free and Cruelty Free!

It lasts longer! Depending on how much you use, our Cake Mascara can last and last! Normal mascaras last 3-4 months but should be thrown out after 5-6 months. Cake Mascara has a long shelf life of about 2 years! Plus with a normal amount of use it can last about 5-6 months. Which definitely saves money in the long run!

Better for the environment! We do not use plastic for Cake Mascara and it lasts longer which is much better than tossing a tube out every couple of months Our Cake Mascara comes in biodegradable packaging with a reusable tin! Once you use up the tin you can re use it for anything! From mints to pocket change!

Glamour! Cake Mascara takes just a little practice in order to get used to the feel, but once you do it can be a very glamorous way to get ready for the day or an evening out. Women from Marlene to Marilyn used Cake Mascara and you can feel the history and elegance of the product when you apply it.

It can be applied to hair too! Roots peeking out? Grays making an appearance? Just cover it up with Cake Mascara! Hard to believe but mascara was first invented to be a mustache darkening and thickening agent for men called Mascaro which means it is still an excellent way to darken any hair!

It’s just plain cool! Applying in front of your friends and loved ones is the best part! Watch their eyes widen when you explain this awesome piece of history and all the benefits that go along with it! Plus it looks fab on a vanity! ;)

Try Bésame Black Cake Mascara for yourself!


  • Ree Ann Volle

    Have developed eye allergies. Have tried several tube mascaras that were hypoallergenic. But they irritated my eyes. Does your cake mascara have lanolin or formaldehyde in it?

  • Christa Rector

    Is the tin recyclable even if we cannot buy only the cake refill?

  • Phyllis Wilson

    Does this product come in brown?
    My regular mascara burns
    Does it come in brown?

  • paris

    awesome!! love that there is no plastic packaging to throw away!! would be even better if you could just buy refills instead of having to boy a new tin every time.

  • jackie spencer

    It seems to be forever out of stock on your website. When will you be restocking it.

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