Simple Valentine’s Day Makeup Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, celebrated by lovers, friends, and family around the world. Pinks, reds, and glitter prevail during the season, and many people look forward to the welcome holiday during the coldest part of the year. Valentine’s Day is also a great excuse to get glammed up, put on your favorite red lipstick, and really feel the romantic fantasy! 

If you’re looking for inspiration this season, we recommend you go for something simple and classic, a look that can be worn for a romantic morning brunch or sexy date night out. Here, we’re sharing some of our favorite simple makeup looks and the perfect products to create them this Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine's Day Inspired Makeup Look by Bésame Cosmetics

Sweet Peach Vibes

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to break out your cutest, pinkest, most princessy outfits, and if you need a makeup look to match that vibe, you should consider a monochromatic peach look. Peach can rosy up lots of skin tones without adding too much redness to the face. We think peach lips, cheeks, and nails plus a few coats of Black Cake Mascara on the lashes to add length and volume is the perfect simple monochromatic combo. 

Our favorite peachy lipstick is Portrait Peach, which has an almost sandy mauve undertone, making it a universally flattering color. A single layer is enough to give your lips a lovely blush all day, and this lipstick can easily be layered to create a more pigmented look. 

To warm up your cheeks with a natural peachy glow that looks like it’s coming from within, add a light layer of Apricot Cream Rouge. Easy to apply with your fingers, a sponge, or your favorite brush, cream rouges blend out evenly to give you a wash of color. For that super cute sun-burned look, apply layers of cream rouge until you have your desired level of opacity. 

To complete the look, add a coat of Portrait Pink nail polish to your nails, and wear something that makes you feel cute and happy!

Valentine's Day Inspired Makeup Look by Bésame Cosmetics

Classic Red Lips & Winged Liner

One of the most iconic makeup looks of all time, worn by countless Hollywood stars and fashion icons, the red lip and winged liner look has prevailed for decades. A red lip looks stunning on everyone, and with tons of shades with different undertones available, it’s easy to find your perfect red

If you’re looking for a universally flattering red lippy that will make you feel fabulous no matter what, we recommend our most popular shade, Red Velvet. This stunning deep, neutral red is super hydrating without smudging easily and goes on smooth and opaque. To get extra-sharp lines along the edges of your lips and the cupid’s bow, try applying your red lipsticks with a precision lip brush. Another fan favorite is Victory Red, a shade inspired by the military-issued lipstick given to the spouses of military members in the 1940s. 

Since red lipstick should be the star of the show, try pairing this look with a classic winged liner. Our Black Cake Mascara can also be used as liquid liner and works perfectly for creating even the thinnest, sharpest points. Just add a few drops of water, and apply using a point brush or an angled brush

To really take this look to the next level, match your lipstick to your nails! Wear Red Velvet nail polish or Victory Red nail polish, depending on your choice of lipstick. 

Valentine's Day Inspired Makeup Look by Bésame Cosmetics

Pink Princess Dream

If you’re looking for something a bit more whimsical, then try emulating the fun and youthful look of a Disney princess! Marked by glowing skin and lips the color of pink roses, this style is perfect Valentine’s day makeup. A bit of cream rouge is the secret to this style, as it sets the cheeks off with a rosy, cheerful glow that looks natural and magical all at the same time.

To draw attention to your eyes and make them look brighter, plump up your lashes with Black Cake Mascara. Be sure to use on top and bottom lashes for that classic doll-like look. If you feel confident doing a wing, stick to a baby-wing set higher on your eye. This will help to round your eye shape to match the Disney vibe. 

Once you’re ready to move on to lipstick, you have a few choices. While we love an all pink look, not all of the Disney princesses wear pink lipstick. Some, like Tiana, Snow White, and Ariel wear red lips; so, if you’re emulating one of their looks, go for something with a bit of sparkle Fairest Red. If you’re committed to the pink princess fantasy, choose a shade like Exotic Pink, American Beauty, or Portrait Pink

If you want to make this look truly magical, try our Magic Pink lipstick. Bright blue in the tube, Magic Pink transforms into a glossy, semi-opaque rose pink. 

Complete the look with a coat of Pastel Pink nail polish, and your favorite princess inspired outfit!

Woman Wearing Pink Princess Inspired Bésame Cosmetics Makeup

Sexy Vampy Glam

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all-about-pink, and we think a dark and vampy look can be just as dreamy and romantic for your February 14th makeup. Since we draw a lot of inspiration from vintage glam, some of our favorite vampy looks are inspired by iconic old-Hollywood characters like Morticia Addams, Vampira, and Lily Munster. So, how do you channel these icons of macabre? 

Whether you like to wear a full face of foundation, or like to use one or two products to even out your skintone without full-coverage, try finishing your face with 1955 Silver Screen Shimmer powder. Featuring a silky finish and light shimmer, this finishing powder is designed to blur fine lines and pores and reduce redness and uneven tone. Even, flawless skin is a feature of any good vampy look, so don’t skip this step!

A cat eye or winged liner is another staple in a vampy makeup look. A think classic wing works beautifully for a more subtle look, but don’t be afraid to go thicker and more pronounced. Some people even like to use our Black Cake Mascara to darken and fill in their brows, which can take a vampy look up a notch. Be sure to apply plenty of coats to your lashes, too!

On the lips, you can go as dark or as light as you’d like, just be sure to choose a shade you’ll feel comfortable in. If you feel best in lighter shades, try something like Dusty Rose. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, but don’t want to push the limits too far, try Blood Red. If you want to draw attention, you’ll love Noir Red, our darkest and most dramatic shade. 

Woman Wearing Valentine's Day Vampy Inspired Bésame Cosmetics Makeup

To finish the look, polish your nails with Blood Red, Cherry Red, or Midnight Red, an opaque black nail polish with a dramatic red undertone. Each of these polishes has a high-gloss finish, is super pigmented for streak-free application, and features a 12-free formula without nasty ingredients like formaldehyde resin, parabens, or animal byproducts. 

Start getting ready for Valentine’s Day today by shopping online with Bésame and visiting our blog for more inspiration!

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