Runway Models, Moms, and Bikers - All Fans of Cream Rouge!

Every tin of cream rouge has inspired a multitude of customer stories. Thankfully, our Bésame Beauties love to share the fantastic tales inspired by our products. And some of these stories were too good to keep to ourselves! Here are a few highlights from our Cream Rouge customer testimonials.

No Clown Looks Here

Because it's so highly pigmented, Cream Rouge can take a few tries before you get that beautiful, natural look. Here's what Caroline H. had to say:

HOOBOY LET ME TELL YOU WHAT....this stuff is amazing. But a little... A LITTLE...goes a very long way. It took my a couple of days of clown-cheeks to really learn to use this stuff. I've only ever used powder blush and this took some getting used to! But, once you practice the right amount to pick up and you blend blend blend, it's gorgeous and long-lasting. I highly recommend it! 

Heather C. was also a little scared of a clown look, but...

I own, wear, and love the Crimson Cream Rouge as well as the limited edition Snow White. Cream rouge is so much more natural that powder blush. I wanted something a little different for summer but wasn't sure how Apricot would react to my pale skin. I still have horror flashbacks to peach blush from back in the day. Oh silly me, would Bésame make me look like a clown? They would not. The Apricot Cream is so amazingly natural. A gorgeous flush of color perfect for my coloring (pale skin, red hair going silver & white) Thank you, thank you for this fabulous addition to my rouge wardrobe.

Best for Bikers

After Rose's story, should we start a Bésame Bikers club? She said:

I can be a bit of a minimalist at times, especially for everyday and travelling (particularly motorcycle travelling), and this is the stuff for me. It is a blush. It is an eyeshadow. It is a lip stain. And it is glorious. 

Take It To The Runway

Being a makeup artist is hard work at all times, but it's especially stressful at live runway shows. Luckily, Linda found Cream Rouge to make her life a little easier:

I've worked as a make up artist and as a "finisher" at fashion shows & shoots (making sure everyone looked good before they walked out). About two years ago I finally ran out of the last of my red cream blush, which has been my go-to for most complexions & skin colors. A cream goes on smoothly, is buildable, and never looks dry. I found one that might do for $85. Not going to happen. Then I came across this. Oh my gosh! I'm back in business! I LOVE this & am tempted to stockpile it so that I'll never run out of my red cream blush again! 

Skeptical of Cream Rouge Until...

In the tin, our Cream Rouge looks bright! So bright in fact, that Ashley F. almost put the tin away before trying it. Thankfully Ashley gave it a shot and said this about Apricot Cream Rouge:

I admit that I was a little worried about trying this product. I don't often wear rouge at all, let alone a color like apricot, but I wanted to try something to give my cheeks a bit of color. Since I trust Bésame to have quality products, I thought I'd give it a shot. 
This was totally worth the leap of faith! The color is just warm enough for my pale skin tone and you really don't need much for just a touch of color. Seriously, just a bit on the tip of a finger is enough for me! But I love that if I start with too much, I can blend it out to get just the look I want. There's a bit of a learning curve for someone who has never used cream rouge before, but I think I'm getting pretty good at it! I might need to get the Crimson cream rouge next! 
Heather S. didn't like any blush, but trusted the words of other Bésame Beauties. She said:

I have used cream blush in the past and always hated it (they’re often so sticky) but I trust Bésame (and the reviews) so much I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! It’s not sticky at all, and the color is beautiful. I use it on my cheeks and lips (it’s a perfect base layer to lipstick, or great just on its own). It has a pleasant yet very mild scent to it. It’s compact and the little pot is so pretty. I’ve used it every day for weeks and haven’t made a dent in it yet; this is going to last a long time. 

In A Rush

Though it might be nice to spend an hour at the vanity, luxuriating in your makeup process, most of us don't have the time. Luckily, Crimson Rouge makes your whole routine a little quicker. Linda H. said:

In a hurry? You’ll love this! Use it on your lips and for cheeks. I have dry skin so the cream rouge is great. The color of my lips naturally turns this Crimson a pretty color. It has lasting power too. I love both of the products I bought. The packaging and the calling card are so vintage and beautiful as an added plus. These products would make a great gift for the nostalgic friend you might have. Love it all! 

For A Natural Look

The cream formula make our rouge very blendable and lets enough of the skin to shine through to give you a natural, glowing look. Arie. V said:

I find it fascinating how Besame’s face products just seem to adjust themselves to my skin. This shade is perfect for everyday use and isn’t hard to blend at all. Sometimes I'll use a brush and other times I'll use my fingers. Either way it blends in really well and lasts all day.

The Only One That Works


After 30 years, Melanie finally found a blush she liked. She said:

I have struggled with rouge and blush since I started wearing makeup 30+ years ago. Nothing ever looked natural or flattering on my skin. This actually looks great - completely natural, a nice, clear apricot. You don't need to use much...I tapped one finger on the rouge and applied to one cheek.  

A Year of Color

Looks can be deceiving! Bernice H. talks about how long her Cream Rouge lasts:

Wow this stuff is concentrated! There is a learning curve- because it takes such a tiny bit- but once I got used to that, well, I’ve just bought my third one! A tin lasts me about a year. The color brings my complexion to life, and no more looking in the mirror and wondering where my blush went; this stuff stays put until I remove it at night. Love ❤️ 

Lovely On All Skin Tones

Whenever we hear people talk about one color looking perfect for different skin types, we can't help but smile. Here's what Katherine S. had to say about Apricot:

I have very fair skin. I'm 57 and was looking for a sheer long lasting cream blush. This looked interesting but I was nervous it would be too coral. Nope it's beautiful. It sort of adapts to your skin tone. It looks like a beautiful sheer wash of color. Seems like I've found what I've looked for since my skin became dry. 

Rebecca liked the same rouge for her olive toned skin:

I use a little bit of this color on my cheeks and it’s just perfect. It’s so natural and gives me a healthy glow! I have olive tone skin and I feel this color was made for me! I bought both Bésame Rouge tins and they have been my go to colors. I wish I had bought them sooner!! 

Corina said:

This blush is very pigmented and blends very easily both with fingers and with a dense makeup brush. The finished look is very natural and not too pinky (my skin tone is light with neutral undertones). And the packaging is beautiful. 

For sensitive skin, Samantha said:

It's my first Besame purchase after meebling for months. I love it! It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. A little goes a long way and I love the color. It's def going to last too, which is great.  
And the packaging is so sweet, it's just lovely to look at. All in all, I'm glad I pulled the trigger on this cream blush. It's great on my cheeks and is great on my lips, too. 😁

For oily skin, Audrey W. said:

I was hesitant to try a cream blush due to my oily skin, and I always have worn powder blush. However, I had no issue with breakouts, and the color lasted a long time and blended on beautifully! 


Making Makeup Simple 

With so many examples of full-face contouring or eye looks that require ten colors to complete, makeup nowadays can feel incredibly complicated. Roxana D. likes that Cream Rouge lets her keep things simple.

In a world of multi-step makeup routine, it's nice to pull back and keep it simple. I enjoy using the pot rouge to add warmth to my tan skin. I love the shade and it wears well through all the abuse my toddler give my face with their sticky hands and wet kisses.

For a "no makeup" makeup look, Christine G. said:

I love it! It lasts all day on my cheeks, giving me that bit of color I badly need when I don’t want to wear full makeup. It’s also really nice on my lips, too! Perfect bit of color so I don’t look washed out without looking like I’m wearing any makeup. Exactly what I wanted.

Gluten-Free Goodness

If you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, you can have a reaction to makeup with any gluten in the formula. Though it might sound strange, gluten can appear in all kinds of makeup...and make life difficult for anyone with a sensitivity. Thankfully, Catherine had this to say about our gluten-free options:

The Apricot shade of blush is terrific for us "ladies of a certain age" (*lol*), or those that don't want to look too pink. A nice, subtle blush for those that don't want to go too wild :) All in all, a wonderful product (and gluten-free, Celiacs rejoice!) that will last a very long time. Well worth the money! :) 

Grandma Was Right!

Sometimes, it's always best to listen to you grandmother. Brittany said:

For sometime now I've been frustrated with blush. It always ends up fading throughout the day, and if I have to go somewhere right after work I have to bring my makeup bag. I've tried other cream blushes and felt like they just sunk into my skin. I saw the rouge on here and talked to my mom about it. She said my grandma always preferred rouge to powder blush. I thought I'd give it a go.

I am so glad I did! I absolutely love it! It actually stays on all day and I never have to reapply! With my Bésame lipstick and my rouge I can stay looking presentable all day! It's great if I have to run an errand early in the morning, just put a bit on my cheeks and lips and I'm ready to go! It is worth every penny too. I've had mine for going on two months and I've hardly made a dent in it. I have very fair skin and dark brown hair, this color was perfect for me.

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  • Emily King

    I love your products (especially the zero waste cake mascara!!) I like that a few other products are also available in reuseable/recyclable tin containers. I am really trying to avoid all use of plastic in my beauty routine, so I would like to encourage you to offer more products in metal versus plastic containers. You will have a customer for life in me if I can get the products I want without contributing to the global plastic waste problem! I would especially love to see a refillable metal compact for pressed powder. That would be amazing!

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