Makeup Trends Coming Spring 2022 - 2023

Spring is just around the corner, and with the return of warmer weather comes spring makeup and fashion. Spring makeup inspiration is typically from a few common places: First, there’s always the bright colors of the flowers that bloom during spring. Spring represents the return of life and color to the world, so we always know that spring makeup is going to feature delicate pinks, bright reds, and warm corals taken directly from flowers. That’s a given!

Second, spring trends (believe it or not) form hand-in-hand with fall fashion! Spring 2022 is going to be heavily influenced by the runways of 2021’s fall New York Fashion Week, where many designers from around the world leaned into vintage inspired looks that can be worn with your favorite spring fashion. 

We can expect to see a lot of bright, poppy colors and warm tones on our faces this year, including coral and other orangey-pink hues. While haute couture looks don’t always translate to day wear, many designers and makeup artists were clearly inspired by fresh-faced looks that will look amazing on you!


Woman applying Bésame Cosmetics Red LipstickStatement Blush

The right blush can take center stage on your face, giving you a vibrant, vivacious look that embodies the liveliness of spring. If you want to lean into this year’s blush trend, you’ll want a product that you can layer to get the color you want without adding extra weight to your makeup. Our cream rouge is perfect for this; it layers beautifully and lets you build your color’s intensity without cracking or looking powdery.

Classic Red Lips

As highlighted by models for St. Laurent and Michael Kors, the classic red lip is always a standout. For spring, you can pair the red lip with lighter makeup to really make the bold lip stand out. A bold red lip paired with light mascara is a simple look that can be worn any time, anywhere. It’s both trendy and timeless, and is a perfect look for spring. 

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Hand holding Bésame Cosmetics red lipstick

Perfect Matches

Matching your lip tone to your outfit and nails is something we’re going to see a lot of this year. Spring is a season of pinks, but it’s also a great time for pastels and anything floral. If you want to be pretty in pink, you might find a perfect match in your spring wardrobe to our 1965 Portrait Peach or our 1955 Exotic Pink. If cooler tones are more your style, our fuschia-toned 1952 Wild Orchid might be your color match!

Coral Cheeks and Lips

Warm, orangey-pink coral is going to be big this spring. We’ll be seeing this playful shade on lips and cheeks. Our Poppy cream rouge is perfect if you want to try this shade for yourself. Cream rouge goes on sheer, so you can build up to the depth of color you want, and it’s perfect as a blush and a lip tint. Its highly-pigmented formula is long-wearing and super light on your face, making it the perfect makeup for spring. 

Diffused Lips

If sharp red lips aren’t your speed, you might like the look of a softer, diffused lip. A diffused lip feels like a blooming spring flower. Makeup artist Romy Soleimani created these petal-like lips for the models at Ulla Johnson, and the technique is fun and easy. Instead of lining your lips from the outside and filling them in, trace the inside of your lips and blend outward for a softer edge. It’s kind of like applying your lipstick in reverse! 

Woman smiling wearing Bésame Cosmetics Cream Blush

Light Lips and Bold Lashes

Pretty pastel pink is another great color we can expect to see in the coming months. This spring, we’ll be pairing this light lip with dark, dramatic lashes. It’s a great way to emphasize the eyes; a perfect pastel pink lip is a great complement to a bolder, more defined eye look. If this sounds like some makeup inspiration you’d like to try for yourself, we definitely recommend our cake mascara

Cake mascara is made from a natural wax that bends with your skin and lashes so it doesn’t flake, peel, or clump. It perfectly defines each lash every time you apply it. You can also use cake mascara as eyeliner, if you want to make your eyes look even bigger and dramatic. For a complementary pastel pink lipstick, our 1959 Magic Pink is exactly what you need. Though this lipstick appears blue in the tube, once applied it adjusts to your lips’ pH and changes to a lovely pink that’s unique to you. 

Natural Makeup

Of course, the most timeless looks are often the trendiest. As always, we can expect to see natural makeup looks all over the place. Spring is about celebrating nature, after all, and what’s more natural than your own beautiful face? A little high quality product can go a long way when creating a look inspired by your own natural appearance. Simply layering on a little bit of color here and there to make your features pop will always look amazing.



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