Interview with the Hernandez Family: 15 Years of Bésame Cosmetics Part II

In this month's podcast, we hear from the whole Hernandez Family! Gabriela, Fergus, Nicholas, Melinda, and Jené Hernandez all sit down to talk about running a family business and memorable Bésame moments.


Find out how working at Disney and Nickelodeon helped prepare Fergus and Nicholas for the cosmetics industry. And hear what it's like to literally grow up with a thriving family company (Melinda was only 2 when Bésame began!) Plus, find out the magical customer moment that the whole family will remember forever.

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  • Jacob Levinson

    This was my favorite one yet!

  • Brigida Banfelder

    I really admire Gabriela Hernandez and her entire enterprise. Her love and intelligence and artistic gifts have made Besame a very high end QUALITY cosmetic company. I own most of the bullet lipsticks, the lip glosses in the pots and the wands. The powder blush is superb and the blush brush purchased separately is THE BEST I have ever experienced. The vintage colors are true to the period. I love the Snow White palettes, the accessories. I get excited to see the imagination that goes into the products. Also, I know that Gabriela is a fine artist. I would love to see her art work! The thing that I most admire is Gabriela’s business sense and her ambition. It is truly inspirational and that her entire family is involved in her company is truly remarkable! I will continue to purchase Besame cosmetics. It is High end and amazing quality. I love limitless ambition. Kudos to Gabriela and her entire family.

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