Gabriela Answers All Of Your Questions: Classic Beauty with Bésame Q & A Edition

Got questions for Gabriela? She's got answers! The Classic Beauty with Bésame Podcast will now feature more episodes per month and more Gabriela!

On this week's episode, Gabriela answers social media questions from a variety of Bésame Beauties. She tells the stories behind some of the most memorable Bésame projects and talks about a fan-favorite product that was incredibly hard to get right. Then, Gabriela answers the most important question: Which Disney Princess would she be?


Have a question for Gabriela? Let us know! Email your questions to or DM us on Instagram @besamecosmetics. Gabriela will be answering your questions at least once a month, so we want all your questions!

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  • Laura

    Will you have more of the light pressed powder in stock soon? I see there’s only porcelain and medium and I think I’m in between lol…


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