Commonly Asked Questions About Cake Mascara



Q: Will it smudge?

A: No! The block of Cake Mascara is activated by water and once applied it dries completely. Cake Mascara is wax based, not water based, so it will stay in place as well as any other non-waterproof mascara.

Q: Will it be dark enough?

A:   Yes! Think of Cake Mascara like painting with watercolors! The more water you use, the lighter and more translucent the mascara will be (it also won’t dry and will get everywhere!) but the LESS water you use the mascara will make itself into a perfect paste and be very dark and luxurious!

Q: Is it messy?

A: Cake Mascara can get a little bit messy as you are making a paste to put on your lashes! Remember to not use a lot of water and keep your Cake Mascara wrapped in its wax paper to prevent it from getting too messy! When applying to eyes, make sure your paste is on the thicker side to avoid splattering (again LESS water is the key here). We will soon be making our Cake Mascara inside a tin which will help it stay more tidy!

Q: Why should I use Cake Mascara over regular mascara?

A:   So many reasons! Where do we start? Firstly, it’s extremely hygienic. Instead of using an applicator on your eyes and then putting it back into a closed tube where bacteria can grow, you wash off the applicator preventing infections, keeping your eyes and lashes healthy! Next reason? No clumps! By washing off your applicator and making a new paste each time, along with the formula, you will see no clumps on your lashes or brows. Just long and clean lashes each time. Wait there’s more! It lasts ten times longer than a normal mascara tube, which saves money and the environment! The shelf life of Cake Mascara is two years! It’s also very safe as it has no harmful ingredients. It is Cruelty Free and Paraben Free and made in the USA!

Tips and Tricks! 

-You can use any applicator you want to for your Cake Mascara. The Mascara comes with an applicator that was used in the 1920s but you can also use any spoolie brush for our Mascara Brush Set! It’s all about your preference.

-The less water the better! Your paste should be thick (not TOO thick) but workable. Too much water and it won’t stay on the eyes. Look at the consistency of any regular tube mascara and that will tell you what the paste should look and feel like.

-For eyeliner and brows you will want to use a nice small angled brush. Remember to let dry between coats until you get the desired darkness.

-Practice makes perfect! It can take a couple tries to get the hang of Cake Mascara but once you do, we promise you won’t want to go back to regular mascara ever again! Don’t give up and message us any time for questions!


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  • Mrs French

    After using this, I will NEVER go back to another mascara. I absolutely love it (along with my other Besame products)!

  • Melanie Jensen

    I would love, love, love for there to be a brown version of this. For us fair (read, pale pasty) ladies, brown looks much less harsh than full-on black. I second Anna’s vote ; )

  • Yadira

    Will the new batch of mascara cakes shipping out Jan 23rd 2017 come in the tin container?

  • Elva A Ordonez

    Do you offer any other colors other than black?

  • anna murphy

    Please bring back the brown version! Oh how i miss it soooo!

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