Classic Beauty with Bésame Cosmetics Episode Two Now Available to Stream

This month, Classic Beauty with Bésame Cosmetics (why yes, we did change the name!) takes listeners on a journey to 2004 as our founder Gabriela Hernandez sits down again with Jené to tell stories from the early years of Bésame Cosmetics. Hear about why Bésame Cosmetics was created, the development process of the products, and tips on how to best apply your lipsticks!



Starting next week, this have weekly blog posts celebrating 15 years of Bésame Cosmetics! The Bésame Cosmetics team has been digging through old products, photos, exhibit booths, and VHS tapes, and will be diving even further into Bésame history throughout the month of March! Check this blog and our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for updates, insights, and never-before-seen images from the Bésame archive!

Be sure to tweet at us @BesameCosmetics with your questions, we may answer them on our next episode!


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  • FA

    Great podcast! I liked the history lesson, application tips and reasons for doing it that way, and the Q&A. After hearing this, I may have to add Red Velvet to my stash. My favorite colors so far are American Beauty and Wild Orchid; would love to hear their stories. Thanks!

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