Bésame Happenings - February 2018

Bésame Happenings - February 2018 
A few fun pieces on Bésame Cosmetics, enjoy! 
The Eye of the Beholder: Decade-Defining Lids, Lashes, & Brows
NYU Costume Studies Exhibit explores the history of eye makeup and features items from  Bésame Cosmetics Founder, Gabriela Hernandez's, personal collection.
It’s a fascinating exhibit which “features vintage cosmetics products alongside advertisements, application manuals, and images of popular style icons from each decade since the 1910s…”

Founder of Bésame Cosmetics, Gabriela Hernandez talks about makeup throughout the ages.



“I wanted to bring back things that I thought were beautiful. I started to see what I could do to bring back more romantic-looking products, products that I thought captured the essence of that time and were things that you can not only wear, but display as well.” - Gabriela Hernandez 

Watch the Video 

Red Velvet Lipstick made the HelloGiggles 2018 Beauty Crush Awards for Best Lipstick! We’re so honored ❤️


  • Elaine hall

    Now this would be something I would love and oh love the name . My girls just talked me getting a foundation stick to have one like theirs when theirs arrives :) Hopefully soon. Your products make them so happy and thank you for being the best 🙌I was really wanted the mascara however When your daughters tell you that you need a little coverage I’m guessing I better listen .lol Was just happy to get them the eyeshadow pallets 💗 I’ll be keeping my eye out for this beauty 😍🙌💖

  • Jené

    So exciting! I loved the Daily Mail video, especially.

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