Announcing the Official Podcast of Bésame Cosmetics!

Everyone here at Bésame Cosmetics has been so incredibly excited to announce At the House of Bésame, the first OFFICIAL podcast from Bésame Cosmetics! Join us for a monthly visit at the House of Bésame where we share history and insights you won’t find anywhere else, the backstory to products you know and love, and be among the first to hear about new collections of products! Oh, and did we mention special guests?

In addition to the podcast, we will include a special photo gallery with each release that takes you even further behind the scenes with concept art, early designs, and details of the development process. 

We love your feedback! Please reach out to us at Twitter, and we might answer your questions on the show!

Bésame Cosmetics Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery

Walt Disney showing stills and concept art from his upcoming film, Peter Pan.

Early Mermaid Lagoon concept art from Disney. It is used many times throughout the collection.


When designing the shell compacts for Mermaid Lagoon, Gabriela chose to replicate the gold compact from the scene in Peter Pan as accurately as possible.

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Gabriela went through all of the ink swatches in the Mermaid Lagoon scene to determine which ones worked best in her shadow palette.




The development process for the Fragrance topper was unique in that Gabriela worked with Disney Studio Animators to pull a 3D design of a 2D animated character. An early concept of the topper had it painted gold!

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The art style and special font found on our lipsticks was taken from a 1937 collapsable comb found in a flea market.

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Alternate versions of the lipstick and mirror packing. You may recognize some of the art from Steamboat Willy or from Disney California Adventure.




  • Kay

    I loved the podcast! I would be interested in hearing about vintage beauty tips (skincare, etc). Thanks!!

  • Lissandra Mia Rakoczy

    This was such a treat to listen to I will most likely listen again just to be amazed all over again. I love the artistry that goes into all Besame products. Can’t wait til next month.

  • Alicia

    Thank you for this Besame podcast.
    Love ❤️ it and looking forward to future episodes!

  • Liz Pease

    This podcast has been a treat to listen to!!!! Thanks for posting more of the history of Mermaid Lagoon and Mickey. Looking forward to more podcasts!

  • Katharine

    I love this! So excited to hear future episodes and learn about new products coming out.

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