1952 Wild Orchid

Our newest shade is out now! 1952 Wild Orchid is a purple-red from the early fifties that was a very popular lip color for the time. Used in many high fashion ads such as Dior, it was a flattering color meant to draw attention to the lips in a brand new way. Pair it with pink or magenta nail polish, a rosy cheek and a simple eye to watch heads turn! This color also has a slight shimmer which looks incredible in photographs and video. It's long wearing, semi-matte, paraben free and cruelty free just like all our world famous lipsticks. Get ready to be admired......











  • Serena Millburn

    Please bring Wild Orchid back, it looks so gorgeous!!

  • Molly W Robbins

    Please bring back Wild Orchid.

  • Sheila Latta

    I am loving my wild orchid lipstick. It’s such a beautiful shade of pink.

  • Miss Charlotte Cake

    So beautiful!! Can’t wait to try this beauty xx

  • Alix

    Gorgeous! Will this be available in matchsticks or a sample size to try first?

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