1945 American Beauty

Spotlight On: 1945 American Beauty
American Beauty is a true replica of a color from 1945. At the end of WWII, women were looking for brighter more optimistic shades of red. Women were experimenting with touches of pink and berry undertones in their lipsticks. In the mid forties, full luscious red lips, nicely groomed brows and long curls were the look of the time and this beautiful berry colored red would have complimented that look perfectly.
American Beauty will leave you feeling bright, hopeful and optimistic. The slight berry undertone of this shade makes it especially flattering for brunettes or salt and pepper hair. But it does look wonderful on all skin tones. And have green eyes? They will pop with this fabulous shade! Let us know if you have tried this amazing red in the comments below!


  • Annette Parker

    American Beauty is my favorite lipstick in your line. I receive many compliments when wearing this lipstick even from makeup artists that work for department store brands. Though I have several lipsticks in your line this one is my go to red color. Please don’t discontinue this one.

  • Gabrielle

    I just wore the color last night:I got it as a mini in the set. I got this remark from a woman I know professionally: “Look at her? Doesn’t she look gorgeous?” And then she added, “You look so much more, I don’t know, so much more…something! lately.”One of my recent changes has been wearing Besame makeup. Yesterday, I was wearing this shade of lipstick. I have very pale skin and blue eyes, and brown hair with blonde highligts. And to be honest, a little grey. Let’s just say I am no longer in my 20’s or even 30’s, but I felt glamorous and beautiful. I was also wearing Besame eye shadows. Very happy with the line: Have to purhcase a little at a time because of the expense, but it’s always so exciting when I get that package in the mail.

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