Jean Harlow




Jean Harlow, the original blond bombshell of the 1930s, encompassed what decades of movie making and fashion has deemed the epitome of sex appeal. Jean was scouted and pleaded with many times over by Hollywood to audition and star in various roles before she reluctantly agreed. Her style and persona carried her into a remarkable, but sadly short career.

Jean's platinum blond hair helped catapult her into leading roles that, up until then, had gone mostly to brunettes. Movie goers were ready for a blond vixen.
Women were bleaching their hair to platinum at alarming rates which, indirectly led to short hairstyles.

Jean Harlow's platinum curls were not her only signature. Her pencil thin brows with a dramatic arch also influenced not only the 30s, but many decades to follow. We have seen her signature brows influence many modern looks throughout the last century and will undoubtably see them again as fashion tends to repeat itself.

Looking back at stills of Ms. Harlow, one can not escape the impact of her large beautifully made up eyes. The focus being on the lashes and liner. Her makeup look was definitely softer than her brunette contemporaries. She set the tone for how glamour would develop through the 1940s and 50s.
Not to mention all the starlets, musicians, and models who would emulate this look up until today.


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