20s model


Cream, peach and ivory colors for the face were in fashion. Bésame colors such as Crimson or Raspberry rouge were used on the apples of the cheeks, and softened by applying loose powder on top. Use the loose powder to achieve a porcelain look.

20s Model Eyebrows

The eyebrows were worn thin and with a downward slope. You can simulate this look without tweezing by masking your natural brow and drawing in a new one with a dark grease pencil. Do this with brow wax and spirit gum sealer. Apply a thick layer of wax to your brow to conceal all the hair; this will create a mound of wax that you can flatten with your fingers. Brush a coat of sealer before applying your foundation. Powder well and draw the new brow with a very soft pencil.

20s Model Eyes

The eyelashes were thickened with black wax, and the shadows used were darker colors like Bésame's Black Pearl or Pistachio. Smudge the black shadow all around the eye, but stay away from the brow. Apply several coats of mascara for the thick lashes in this look.

20s Model Lips

Deep red colors like Bésame Red, Cherry Red, and Merlot were worn. The bee-stung shape can be achieved by putting foundation on the lips and drawing a heart shaped larger top lip, making sure to stay away from the natural edge of the lip. Keep the shape round and full. Use the tip of the Enchanting Lipstick to draw the outline of the lips and then fill with the blunt side.

30s model


Ivory complexions with a pink undertone were in fashion. Use a lighter foundation than your skin tone and our Boudoir Rouge in Sweet Pink or Raspberry applied high on the cheekbone to achieve this look.

30s eyebrows

The style was very thin and arched toward the temples. To achieve this look without tweezing, use brow wax and sealer to conceal them. Look for more details in 1920s look, the new brow with a very soft pencil.

30s eyes

The eyes had more color choices with Peacock Blue, Pistachio, Socialite Brown, or Plum Dandy. For a highlight, use Shimmer Beige on the brow bone. For daytime, a dab of petroleum jelly or a light shadow were worn. For evening, apply a color of shadow in the crease of the upper lid. Curl lashes and apply two generous coats of mascara.

30s lips

Cherry Red, Dusty Rose, or Bésame Red are appropriate colors for this period. The top lip is slightly overdrawn to make two rounded mounds. This was called the rosebud mouth. With the sharp end of your Bésame lipstick, carefully draw the top lip and line the bottom. Fill in with color using the flat side of the tip.

40s model


Warm foundation was used with light powders on top. Rouge was bright and applied high on the cheekbone then blended toward the temple. Use Bésame's Crimson or Raspberry applied lightly for a rosy cheek and followed by loose powder to soften.

40s eyebrows

The thickness was natural and the shape was carefully pruned into clean arches. Achieve this by drawing the desired shape with a white pencil, then carefully tweezing the excess hairs. Brush the hair with a small comb and a bit of hair gel to keep it in place.

40s eyes

Shadows were used in natural shades such as Bésame's Socialite Brown, Black Pearl shadows, lightly applied provides a perfect muted gray hue.

40s lips

The lips were full with the top lip slightly overdrawn and rounded. Shades such as Cherry Red, Bésame Red, and Carmine were used. Always use foundation first if altering the shape of the lips. Use the sharp tip to draw the contour and fill with the blunt side.

50s model


Rouge was worn subtly and naturally during the day with Bésame colors such as Sun Kissed. For rosy cheeks, use Bésame's Sweet Pink or Raspberry blended and applied high on the cheekbones. Use a light foundation and shimmer powder for evening.

50s eyebrows

The eyebrows were thick and dark with a dramatic high arch. Shape the brows by tweezing stray hairs and fill in with dark shadow. Use Black Pearl for brunetts or Socialite Brown for blondes.

50s eyes

Eyes wore muted shadows such as Socialite Brown applied in the crease. For evening, saturated colors such as Pistachio and Peacock Blue were used with a thickly black liner with shadows like Bésame's Black Pearl or, for a darker effect, with liquid liner. The line was drawn close to the lashes and arched up at the end of the eye. Curl the lashes and apply two coats of black mascara to the top lashes only. For sexy droopy lashes, use a few individual false lashes at the corners of the eyes. Add a beauty mark with a brown pencil for fun.

50s lips

The lips were full with sharp peaks on the top lip. Apply foundation, then draw the top lip overdrawing the sharp peaks and the full bottom lip. Apply the lip color with the blunt tip. Bésame Red, Wild Orchid, Exotic Pink, Carmine, and Portrait Pink are all great 50s colors.

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