Lipstick | How to Use

Our application guide is modeled after a two step process created in the 1940s by movie industry make-up artists. It has been used for decades on actresses to give them perfect camera ready lips that last throughout a long day of filming. To maximize the wear of your Bésame lipstick, please exercise the following simple steps:

1. Prepare Lips:

Ensure your lips are clean and free of dryness. Hydrate lips with a small amount of your favorite balm and let set for a minute. Blot excess balm and apply a touch of foundation to the edges of your lips. This will lock in the lipstick’s color and extend its wear. Draw in the natural edge of your lips with the Bésame lipstick’s tip sharp point. This will keep the lipstick from bleeding out of the edges of the lip line. Do not overdraw your lip line since this may create an artificial look.

2. Apply Bésame Lip Color:

Using the flat side of your Bésame lipstick, starting at the highest point of the lips directly under the nostrils. Fill in with color, working towards the corner of the lips on one side, then from the center out to the other corner. Apply one coat of color filling in the top and bottom of your lips. If you go outside the lip line, use your finger or a cotton swab to correct it and then blend the area with a bit of your foundation. Press your lips together lightly to distribute the color. For a stronger finish, apply a final coat in the center of the lip. Lastly, use a tissue to gently blot the lips to seal in the color. Blot twice. Add one final coat with one more blot to finish. With the help of CLASSIC COLOR by Bésame, you can now show off and enjoy your beautiful, full lips all day long.