Released June 2020

The Lucille Ball Collection

Brains, beauty and wit: a collection fit for a comedy queen

About the collection

Our “Iconic Women Series” honored memorable women across history, and the very first leading lady in the collection was Lucille Ball.

Widely known as the spunky redhead from the hit sitcom “I Love Lucy,” Lucille Ball was a beloved comedienne that captured America’s heart and broke barriers for women in the entertainment business.

After a career in “B movies” at RKO, Lucy fought to bring her life with Desi Arnaz to television. With “I Love Lucy,” she brought the first multiethnic relationship to TV, invented the 3-camera sitcom, and created one of the most popular shows in history. Afterwards, Lucy continued to produce programs like The Lucy Show, The Untouchables, and Star Trek. When her company, Desilu, bought RKO, she became the first female head of a studio. From chorus girl to owner, Lucille Ball shaped entertainment forever. This limited release collection celebrated the life and legacy of a truly iconic woman.

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