Classic Reds At Any Age

Red is a classic color that stands the test of time. It's never gone out of style...and never will. Though bold lip colors are a little more challenging as we get older, our feather-proof, stay all day lipsticks are designed to look gorgeous at any age.

We all have fine lines. Bésame just stays out of their way.

Our lipsticks are filled with the highest amount of pigment to give you one coat color that stays on the lips, not in fine lines. The natural beeswax helps the color hold onto the lips while the incredibly high pigment keeps the lipstick from getting out of place. The bold color enhances your natural lip shape, brightens the face, and brings instant confidence and glamour.

Bold Colors for Bold Women

You've probably heard "women should avoid bright lipstick over 40." So, you're just supposed to fade in the background because you've hit your 40th birthday? We whole heartedly disagree. Our lipsticks help you stand out and get the attention you deserve. With our feather-proof formula and unprecedented selection of reds, you can maintain your classic beauty at any age.

The Top Choice of Celebrities 

From Rita Moreno to Catherine Zeta-Jones to Jessica Lange, celebrities love our lipstick. It's used on tv and film sets all the time and is a go-to choice for many professional makeup artists.

Head makeup designer Eryn Krueger Mekash (American Horror Story, Feud, and many others) spoke to Gabriela about how crucial our reds are when she’s working on set. Eryn said:

When I’m working on a day to day basis, it might be “oh we can just use this random red lipstick.” But those don’t stay on, so you’re constantly just touching, touching, touching. Where with the Bésame lipsticks, I can put that on...and it just stays on.

If our reds are good enough for Jessica Lange's (and many other actors) intense filming schedule, just imagine how great they'll be on you!

What Our Customers Think...

"At 62, those make me feel pretty. Love the texture. Put my Chanel up for a while." - Mary C.

"Bésame Red is such a beautiful, classic red. It is mind blowing to me that this color which was created in 1920 is still modern, sexy and stunning almost 100 years later. It demonstrates perfectly how beautifully designed lipstick colors transcend time." - Camille O.

"I love the colors, but I'm most impressed with the formula. It's virtually effortless and lasts for hours. The best part is that is doesn't feather or bleed! And at the end of the day, my lips don't feel like they've been pigmented to a crisp. Bésame has ruined me for all other lipsticks" - Goldie

"Love this so much. I have been wearing it for over a year and a half and just purchased my 3rd tube. It's the first red that I have ever worn and I'm 48." - Jaina P

Find Your Perfect Red

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