Released March 2018

The Agent Carter collection

A collection worthy of chic spies everywhere

About the Collection

Based on the hit Marvel character Agent Carter, this collection was full of clues, puzzles, and everything you needed to become a glamorous spy like Peggy.

In preparation for the ABC show “Agent Carter”, the production team came to our Burbank boutique to find the leading lady’s signature lip color. The team fell in love with Red Velvet, and it’s since become one of our best-selling colors to date.

Can't get enough of this classic collection?

If you love the looks from our Agent Carter series, check out these fan favorites inspired by the original collection.

Red Velvet Lipstick

One of our most popular colors of all time, this deep red shade features a neutral undertone and is designed to flatter every skin tone.


Dusty Rose Lipstick

The perfect “everyday wear” shade, this natural rose color is inspired by the lighter hues women began wearing in the late 1960s — a beautiful, softer alternative to your favorite red.


Red Hot Lipstick

A true fire-engine red, this saturated, vibrant shade features a warm, yellow-toned base — and it’s enough to make you feel like a smokeshow any day of the week.


Peggy 1946 Translucent Powder Refill

Finely-milled and practically weightless, this matte-finish setting powder feels like wearing nothing at all.


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