Raging, Crying, And My Mascara Stayed On: Real Stories Of Cake Mascara

People can't stop talking about Cake Mascara. Whether it's stayed in place through crying jags or helped them connect to their grandmother's memories, Cake Mascara has been there when our customers needed it. 

Since so many Bésame Beauties have shared their Cake stories, we collected some of our favorite testimonials. Here, you can see exactly why so many people have ditched tubes entirely.

Mascara That Stays Through Tears, Rage, and a 5K

Apparently, Hannah H. had a pretty bad day, but her  Bésame Cake (that she used as eyeliner) stayed right where she put it. She wrote:

Once. I was out of the house for 18 hours on a VERY stressful day that included
  • crying
  • raging
  • 5+ hours in the car
  • eye scratching and swiping
My eyeliner looked as good as it did before I left.
Ride or die eyeliner. Also, it doesn't make my very sensitive eyes sting one bit!
I’ve drawn across my eyeball (on accident) with it before and the most it did was made my eyesight blurry.


Amber’s story had far fewer tears, but it was still a pretty tough test for Cake Mascara.

I’m a terrible runner. Usually, a mild jog to catch a bus leaves me as red as a lobster. But, I felt like pushing myself and trying a 5K. As the 5K got closer, I was self conscious about how slow I’d be and I kept imaging children and grandmas lapping me during the race. 
So instead of feeling sad, I decided to give my 5K a bit of glam and I wore a red lip and used the Cake Mascara for liner and lashes. My 5K time was super slow and I did end up red as an angry crab, but I did it! And my lashes and liner looked perfect! Honestly, I was shocked, because it seemed like I sweat enough to wear off a Sharpie, but my eyes looked great.

Wasting Less and Feeling Good

Since Cake comes in a tin with a reusable brush, it’s one of the few truly no waste mascaras out there. Our customers love the feeling of wasting less and helping the environment. Meg wrote:

This is the prettiest mascara and probably the most eco friendly
I really don't like lumpy or clumpy lashes, but I also don't like false eyelashes. Most mascaras are pretty to some extent, but they also all seem to have a tendency to clump up. This stuff though? I bought it because I wanted to reduce how much plastic waste I was making by not buying a new mascara tube every three months. Since this comes in a tin (and now a refillable tin!) and the product should last for a couple of years, I wanted to try it with an open mind. I wasn't expecting anything particularly good quality, I thought it would be 'just alright,' but you guys. It makes my lashes look super soft and natural, dark and each one is perfectly defined, and I just freaking love it so much. If you want soft, feathery, doll-like lashes, goodness this is lovely.


Sydney O. especially loves the refillable aspect of our mascara. She wrote:

Refillable packaging!!!
I'm 27, I've used a lot of different mascaras. This one beats them all! I have been transitioning to more plastic free makeup products and I don't feel that I'm sacrificing anything with this mascara. I keep an old essential oil dropper with water at my makeup station and put a few drops on the cake. When done I just wash the brush in water and that's it. I can put on as much or as little mascara that I want and it doesn't flake or smudge on my oily eyelids. 


A Little Work Is Worth It

There’s a slight learning curve to Cake Mascara since you have to adjust to putting in the right amount of water and finding the perfect consistency that works for you. But these customers found that the work was worth it. Since you add your own water, you can control exactly how much product you use and wind up with a look that’s completely customizable to your preferences. Jamela wrote:

OH.MY.GOSH!! I love this product! I wasn't sure how well I would adjust to it, but it's the best mascara I've ever used! Being able to layer it and build with it without my eyelashes getting clumpy and icky is PHENOMENAL! It doesn't flake off into my eyes or smudge underneath but comes off easily at night. If you are used to using liquid eyeliner, this makes an incredible eyeliner as well!! Never going back to "the tube!"

Since it takes a touch of time and care to get mascara just how you like it, a lot of people love the calming, meditative effect that comes with applying Cake Mascara. Instead of just painting it on your lashes and running out the door, you get a moment to stop and truly enjoy the glamour of your makeup ritual. Ginny M. wrote:

Lasts FOREVER. Almost three years ago, I received my first black cake mascara. I used it off and on for a year and then daily for another year and a half. At first, I didn't like the idea of having to wet a brush and then apply and then clean the brush. It seemed a bit tedious to be honest. As I simplified my make up routine, I started to fall in love with the process. It felt more like a way to pamper myself and the longer process just felt more elegant somehow. Like I was connecting to the glamour of the ladies of long ago. With practice, it got much easier and now it's my only eyeliner and mascara. Totally worth the investment because this stuff lasts much longer, is a higher quality, and the clean brushes mean no lingering bacteria from previous applications. LOVE LOVE LOVE and I refuse to go back to cheap, plastic tubes of inferior products.

For Sensitive Eyes, the Only Product That Works

Bésame founder Gabriela Hernandez has very sensitive skin and eyes. Before any of her products hit the shelf, she tests it on herself to make sure that it’s as gentle as possible. And our customers appreciate it! Kate wrote:

I am OBSESSED. This mascara is precisely everything I've ever been looking for in a mascara and more. Aside from this one, every mascara I've used is uncomfortable and pulls out my lashes when I go to remove it. This one isn't uncomfortable in the slightest, it's very light, and it comes off quite easily. Not only that, but even though it's easy to remove, it doesn't come off on it's own easily; I wore it to a funeral with no issues. 

Wendy J. wrote:

Love this mascara!
I had to stop wearing store-bought mascara for several years due to the eye irritation it caused. I found Besame's cake mascara two years ago and will never try another brand again! I love the way it goes on, builds to desired thickness, stays put, and never irritates! I love that I can use it for eyeliner and brows as well. And I love how it lasts! I JUST replaced my first purchase with their new refill package - such GREAT value! Besame, you are my favorite!! 


Kywa H. said:

I’m not allergic! I haven't been able to wear mascara for about 10 years due to an allergy to ingredients. After a lot of trial and error, I narrowed it down to an allergen that's in every mascara on the market, EXCEPT this one! I not only love that I can wear it, but I also love the way this looks.

More Uses, More Control

Though it's called Cake Mascara, our product actually works on lashes, brows, and makes a great liquid liner. Kara really enjoyed the many uses:

Best eyes of my life
I decided to try the brown cake mascara largely because of the reviews. I have terrible luck with mascara (the luxury brand I was using previously clumped TERRIBLY, smudged, and made my eyes sting by the end of a day's wear). I figured if I didn't like using it as a mascara, I could use it as an eye liner or for my brows. I absolutely did not count on loving it for ALL THREE! I love how this goes on my lashes, and I love that I have more control over how much product goes on at a time. No clumps, no smudges, no stinging. It's also my new favorite product for my brows. I love, love, LOVE the way it fills everything in. I have never been so happy with my eyebrows. This is my favorite thing ever right now!! 

Connecting to Memories

Before mascara was ever in a tube, it came in a cake. So, when people use Cake Mascara, they often feel connected to the past — to mothers, grandmothers, and even great-grandmothers! Zoe C. wrote:

I’m so in love! I was hesitant to stray from my tried-and-true mascara, but I’m a changed woman!  
I’ve tossed all of my old mascara tubes and eyeliner pens, in place of this marvel!  
Fantastic texture, doesn’t irritate my eyes, isn’t heavy at all, and I feel connected with my grandmother who used this kind of mascara
1,000/10 would recommend.
Cake Mascara is even a favorite on a desert island! Toni said:


I have always wanted to try cake mascara. Ginger on Gilligan's island would use hers alot. I have to say it is the best ever. I don't need a water proof when I use this. Beautiful coverage. It's ruined me for other mascaras. Who knew our grandmother's and great grandmothers had such great makeup?   

Childhood Dreams

When Gabriela made Cake Mascara, she never imagined she'd one day make a childhood dream come true. Stella W. wrote:

Love love love!
When I was 12 or 13, I had a cool-complected, blue eyed friend who used to wear purple waterproof mascara to the city pool. The effect was quite striking, so I bought a tube, but alas! It looked awful on me.  
Fast forward, after all these years I finally have a mascara that is not black or brown, that works on me. This purple mascara leans a little more red purple than blue. But the effect is neutral and I think it could work on a lot of people. I use it for liner as well as mascara and it looks "normal" until you look closely. 
Protip: Mix it thick. Build it up.  
This is some wonderful stuff!  


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