New Podcast Episode Featuring Turner Classic Movie Host Alicia Malone


On this month's podcast, Gabriela welcomes Turner Classic Movies host - Alicia Malone! An entertainment journalist and classic film expert, Alicia has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, NPR, and MSNBC, given two TED Talks about women in film, and written two incredible books: Backwards and in Heels and The Female Gaze: Essential Movies Made By Women.

Alicia discusses her idyllic life watching classic films for TCM, the trouble women still face today in Hollywood, and how beauty and glamour changed for women in film over the years. Plus, hear about what Gabriela really thinks about this years Oscar nominations!


What Hollywood doesn't understand is that movies made for women, and often by women, still bring in the audience. They bring in people who want to see these stars and see these stories and be encouraged by them. - Alicia Malone

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Bonus: Here's the 1906 film The Consequences of Feminism by Alice Guy-Blaché, the first female film mogul. Alicia discusses the importance of Guy-Blaché's work in her conversation with Gabriela.


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